A story of positivity and hope

Living with so many thoughts in my mind, has made writing my memoir easy. Having now signed the book off, I’m now on to publication and that part doesn’t seem so easy!

My book tells ‘my story,’ in a way that helps resonate. It’s powerful, emotional and heartfelt. It’s a story without recriminations. It’s a fair and balanced account of my experiences, growing up without knowing …

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30 Nov, 2019

My forthcoming book

I am delighted to let you all know that my forthcoming book, Cerebral Palsy: a story ‘Finding the Calm after the Storm,’ is due to be released on the 2nd January, 2020. Everything to do with the book will now be categorised under ‘My Book.’

Not knowing I cerebral palsy meant each day was an ongoing battle. Post diagnosis, although writing for my website has been instrumental in bringing more peace into my life, writing the book has been a …

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20 Nov, 2019