Autism and fear

When it comes to informative blogs such as this, I research the facts to make sure that what I know is what the facts recall. The pandemic felt massive, I had no control over how I felt, how I saw it. The principal emotion of autism is fear. It is because I deal with autism that I have fear. There is no getting away from that.

Writing about autism in my book Cerebral Palsy: A Story ‘Finding the Calm After the Storm’ understanding how I think and what my struggles were, adds a different perspective to the book, one that I …

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19 Jun, 2021

Energy Healing

My book, Cerebral Palsy: ‘A Story’ has given me a voice, an understanding for the first time of a life struggled, of a life lived, but more importantly, an understanding of my experiences and why what happened to me, happened.

In my current book, I write in a way that brings understanding to all of us, not just me. I tap into the universe to write, to bring an insight to the issues that affect us all. Being stuck in my head over the years …

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12 Jun, 2021

My Book of Inspiration

My Book Cerebral Palsy: ‘A Story’ continues to fuel and inspire me to want to do better. Through universal understanding, I bring clarity for others too.

To be able to write in this way, I have spent hours reflecting. It is where my vision, my spiritual journey, and my life began. My book brings understanding, positivity and hope in what is a confusing world …

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27 May, 2021

My Books in a changing world

With 11-years of writing behind me, the world is different to when I started writing and although the world has changed, my values have never changed and my writing continues.

My current book offers an explanation, a way forward on how we can live our lives successfully. Where Covid-19 has separated and split the society, communities, the world and people, we have to want and …

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23 May, 2021

Failing to support

I remember my struggles in school as if they were yesterday. I remember the class size, 37 in total. I remember struggling to learn, to grasp the learning concept. I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t taking anything in. I understand now.

Back then, you weren’t encouraged to become independent thinkers. We had to copy off the blackboard, and do our own …

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7 May, 2021

My Pick Me Up Book

Writing Cerebral Palsy: A Story ‘Finding the Calm After the Storm, which is different to the blog, means for the first time I talk about my experiences, my life and my disability, in a self-contained place that helps me and others understand our lives and it’s different to the blog.

Living with autism is like watching a mouse on a ferris wheel go round. Unless I am able to find a resolve on my issues, my thoughts go nowhere and that adds to my daily stress. My book helps me deal …

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29 Apr, 2021

My Universal Book

As a child, I innately knew there was something that connected us to the universe, but it was in my early twenties that I began to grasp the universal understanding of how we are all connected to everything in the universe, and to each other.

The universal understanding means “relating to, or characteristic of all or the whole: universal experience, applicable everywhere or in all cases; general: a universal cure, affecting, concerning, or involving …

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19 Apr, 2021

An Inspiring Read

Learning that I had a disability at the age of 46, not knowing what my disability was, or what my symptoms meant, I was given no choice but to look into my disability.

I could write about some of my experiences on my blog, but it wasn’t the right platform to explore my disability. I needed …

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7 Apr, 2021

My Book Writing

“Writing is a way to engage with the world on your own terms and to escape, however temporarily, the world’s noise. Article continues after advertisement. The imagination remains a private place where you can make something from nothing”. – Scott Adlerberg

Writing my book, and learning about my disability for the first time, has been a cathartic experience made difficult because …

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20 Mar, 2021