An Inspiring Read

Learning that I had a disability at the age of 46, not knowing what my disability was, or what my symptoms meant, I was given no choice but to look into my disability.

I could write about some of my experiences on my blog, but it wasn’t the right platform to explore my disability. I needed …

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7 Apr, 2021

My Book Writing

“Writing is a way to engage with the world on your own terms and to escape, however temporarily, the world’s noise. Article continues after advertisement. The imagination remains a private place where you can make something from nothing”. – Scott Adlerberg

Writing my book, and learning about my disability for the first time, has been a cathartic experience made difficult because …

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20 Mar, 2021

How my Cerebral Palsy Journey Began

In October 2006, whilst mum was terminally ill, although I didn’t know she was at the time (I found out when we got home), it was our first and our last family holiday abroad. We were in st paul de vence, in the south of France, it was also the very start of my cerebral palsy journey, although I couldn’t have known that at the time.

We stayed in a small country hotel where each room was named and the room that we stayed in was called ‘Mas Estelle’ …

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8 Mar, 2021

A Book For All Of Us

My website, The CP Diary will be 11 years old, and into my 12th year of writing on the 17th May 2021, and I couldn’t be happier, given the many challenges I have had to face. My biggest achievement is my book Cerebral Palsy: ‘A Story’ having come through my disability with the understanding that I craved as a small child.

Seven years into my blog and putting pen to paper for the first time, my Book Cerebral Palsy: ‘A Story’ Finding the Calm After the Storm is a feel-good factor book, that brings clarity on all of our experiences …

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4 Mar, 2021

Continuing my Book Journey

My follow-on book, charts my spiritual and healing journey, coming through a disability I didn’t know I had. I also take the reader through their own ‘spiritual and healing’ journey. My new book is based on ‘spirituality and healing,’ it is universal, meaning it exists everywhere, it involves everyone.

It’s something we can all aspire to. Spirituality gives us purpose, it allows for healing; spirituality and healing go together, with both in our life, our challenges, struggles and lives become easier, without either …

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22 Feb, 2021

Why I Wrote My Book

An author might tell you that writing a personal book isn’t easy. It’s not always easy to describe how you feel and you’re never sure how what you write will be received.

As a small child, I never just woke up and said when I’m older, I shall write about my difficulties. My only concern was putting a name to something I didn’t know I had. Going to the grave without knowing …

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18 Feb, 2021

Mum Paves the Way

When mum was terminally ill, she mentioned my birth was difficult. She was aware she wasn’t going to live and wanted to tell me about my disability before it was too late for me to know.

Although it was difficult to hear her words, it brought confusion, because I didn’t equate fully at the time why she’d said it …

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12 Feb, 2021

Covid-19, My Difficult Book Year

It has been a difficult book year due to Covid-19. The pandemic has brought about a different thinking. I know how I have been affected through autism, mentally and emotionally, it’s taken me months to bounce back, to see positivity and to write in a calm, quiet and peaceful space, without dealing with anxiety, in Covid-19.

Where we may remain stuck, my book shows that we can change, that even though our life may be tough, we can change that also, and that just because we start off in one place, doesn’t mean we have to stay …

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2 Feb, 2021

My Book is a lifeline in Covid Times

“This book tells us that we are not victims of circumstances, but we have a choice on how we live.” – Mai Cadiz

I believe my book: Cerebral Palsy ‘A Story’ Finding the Calm After the Storm is our first step to healing. In Covid-19 times when it is easy to look inwards, my book takes the initiative and brings understanding …

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23 Jan, 2021

My Spirituality and Healing Guide

My Book, Cerebral Palsy ‘A Story’ Finding the Calm After the Storm, charts my journey living with a disability I didn’t know I had. It focuses on my thoughts and feelings not knowing I had a disability.

My follow on book is due out in July 2021. It is a guide through my spiritual and healing, dealing with a disability that I didn’t know I had and is different to my first book. It is a spiritual and healing book …

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17 Jan, 2021