2017, a different era

I feel 2017 has catapulted us into a different era, a different more uncertain world. Not one that I like and a world that’s not easy to get my head around.

With Northern Ireland’s lack of a coalition government, the UK’s Brexit, Teresa May and now the impending inauguration of Donald Trump, it’s hard to say or understand where we go from here. Unfortunately, we are where we are, so we all must work off the same page and work towards the same goals, however we got to this place.

For those in the public eye, it’s important they take their own personal agenda out of the equation and do what’s right for the people who voted them in, so that our children and our children’s children can grow up in a safer environment and world. There has been a common theme running through each of the above scenarios, with their own opinions being part of the equation.

In President Obama’s parting Presidents’ speech, he said Americans have to stand together and accept one another: “The long sweep of America has been defined by forward motion, a constant widening of our founding creed to embrace all, and not just some.”

I am concerned that unless those in authority work together to make the world more united and a safer place, this is going to be one war we will probably never win. Governments must learn to work together for the sake of mankind, for humanity and for the world.

The people are relying on these things and it starts with our respective Governments. This is why we have hugely uncertain times ahead.

19 Jan, 2017

4 thoughts on “2017, a different era

  1. Dark clouds are hovering over our planet right now to make room for sunlight; I truly believe that. While evil is roaming with impunity, I’m armed with faith that goodness will ultimately prevail, maybe sooner than I think.

    So in 2017, let’s watch the degree to which our world becomes unhinged, have faith and understand that things will get much better, after the storm.

    1. Thanks Tim. I too believe it can. We put our faith in those who are in a position to make things happen as we come to rely on them.

      I think it’s important we have hope, live with faith that things will change for the better and that those in Government will make the world safer and great.

      We must never give up hope on that.

  2. We are on the brink of seismic change, that’s for sure, both in Europe and the U.S. and I suspect difficult times ahead for the whole of humanity as a result.

    I have always believed that good things come out of crises, and a perfect storm is brewing. Let’s hope it passes over quickly.

    1. Thanks, yes quite. I am usually okay with change, there’s just too much change going on all at once. It’s slightly difficult to comprehend how the changes you talk about will pan out because very little has been said.

      I think because we have no idea what form those changes will take; I think that’s the scariest part.

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