A bad day

Yesterday was a bad day. I’m happy to take responsibility for my own issues, I’ve been doing it for long enough, but we shouldn’t be made a scapegoat for other people’s issues that they’re simply not owning up to or dealing with. We must take responsibility for ourselves.

Where struggles develop emotional strength, I will stay strong and focused. As a new day beckons and whilst I have my health, I have another chance to turn things that were negative into things that are positive. Today’s another day, I’m choosing to be positive.

7 Jul, 2016

6 thoughts on “A bad day

  1. Yes, making that choice does make for a better day. Most of my life has been made up of bad days when I chose to look at them that way.

    I was made to be a scapegoat for other people’s issues for most of my life, but the reality was that I kept choosing to take on the role, even after I thought I knew better. It became such a pattern in my life that I continued doing it long after I was old enough to take responsibility for my life.

    There were things I wanted to do, which I didn’t simply out of the fear of actually succeeding. The problem was that it meant breaking the code of silence about so many things that had happened in my family’s history, which we weren’t supposed to talk about.

    Sitting here at 4:30am, I’m tired of always feeling like I am going to have a bad day, so I need to stay focused on the good I can do for the day. Even with all the negative energy around me, caused by other people’s mistakes I can focus on the positive, as foreign as that may seem.

    The old tapes will still continue to play in my head, but that doesn’t mean I need to listen to them. It just frustrates me that by people not taking responsibility for their own lives, has caused me so much turmoil and chaos in my life. I can’t afford to keep taking it for them since it isn’t fair to make my life so much harder, while they really get off far too easy.

    I don’t have to live the way I always used to!

    1. Thanks Randy, yes you’re right. You can avoid those voices in your head.

      When we make a decision not to listen to them, we’ve consciously decided it’s time to move on; but unconsciously we have to do the same. We must make sure that even in difficult circumstances we don’t go back in.

      I appreciate that some people may not be maturely equipped to take responsibility for themselves; but I would say as long as they try I feel that is okay, but what’s not okay is when they conveniently choose not to take responsibility because they already know what the consequences will be.

      Being on the receiving end of other people’s inability to be responsible isn’t right. I agree life is harder that way. Perhaps it’s your time to change that, however you choose to do it. I’m routing for you.

  2. You have a way of sending important messages through your experiences. What an awesome attitude, your wisdom is showing!

  3. We all have bad days but your positivity shines the way for us for things to get better, and they usually do.

    1. Thank you! A bad day will always be a bad day but how we judge and work through that day will determine the outcome.

      I don’t look at the day as simply a bad day, but how I can choose to change the day into something positive. Look for the silver lining and the bigger picture. They’re there in all circumstances, good or bad.

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