A better day

It’s been an odd kind of day, an odd kind of week for that matter. I’ve done lots of things, achieved lots of things, but feel I’ve achieved very little. My mind is full of thoughts, but I’m too tired to articulate them so nothing’s making sense.

I think today I’ll work on having a better day so that I can write another blog. I’m hoping my day will go better. I’ll let you know how that goes.

13 Dec, 2014

6 thoughts on “A better day

  1. I know personally I get kind of foggy when there’s a lot going on and it takes me time to process!

    I grew up in a world where we didn’t have a lot of time to do that so now it’s all that much more difficult. People get annoyed that I don’t respond right away sometimes which isn’t intentional but just due to the fact we had to take in the information and go, to process it later when we could!

    I just find myself very tired due to a lot of the feelings that surface this time of year. Most people look forward to the holidays where I face them with dread and horror. Probably a good day to do the same by not thinking a whole lot and just trying to enjoy the day for a change!

    1. Thanks Randy. All you can do is give of your best and go with the flow on what you deal with.

      Sometimes certain holidays bring back some of those memories, we’d rather just forget. This time of year particularly. Christmas as lovely as it can be, must be difficult. I hope you will have less of a struggle this holiday and enjoy Christmas Day.

    1. I’m smiling. The CP Diary is my taking it easy. It’s often what goes on around me that I have little control over that brings about my stress.

      The CP Diary is my sanctuary; a place I go to that gives me no stress at all.

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