A break from the norm

On Saturday morning I posted my blog as usual, by Saturday afternoon I was off line and I felt panicked. I am now pleased The CP Diary is back on line.

With no break in blogs for the last 8+ years, missing a day on my website, I was gutted. You could say it was ‘a break from the norm’ but for me it was the most stressful time, because I had no idea why.

I know that because I deal with sensory issues, I work better when my thoughts don’t go into overdrive, I’m in a routine and everything goes according to plan. When I struggle to understand that makes me feel more panicked.

Thankfully I’m back on line, back to writing, back to blogging and back to putting blogs out in sequence so that the topics are varied and balanced.

12 Jun, 2018

6 thoughts on “A break from the norm

  1. Yes, I have learned that I do a lot better when I have some kind of routine, even though it may not seem like it to other people.

    They may see it as boring, but considering how my life has been, it’s nice to have some idea of what to expect daily.

    It’s very difficult when you live with someone who claims to dislike the insanity and chaos, but seems to enjoy it at times and loves to get in the middle of things that she really shouldn’t.

    This is something I will have to finally deal with, seeing as I don’t enjoy living this way where I don’t always know what to expect day to day.

    There are a lot more important things I would rather be doing while I still have the chance, in what time I have left in this life.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, routine is good. Although life is one big routine, routine is something we rely on and struggle when we have no structure or routine in our life.

      I struggle even more because I already live with jumbled emotions. It doesn’t help of course when you live with someone who from what you say thrives on certain aspects of situations that you would rather not get involved in.

      I do agree with you though. There are a lot more important things in life that don’t involve meddling in other people’s lives, even if your girlfriend is trying to help.

  2. Your site being off line was a very thorough reminder of how I depend on its existence, without hesitation I realized that.

    Glad to have you back in the saddle again!

    1. Thanks Tim. I’m glad to be back. Yes, It’s the not knowing why what happens, happens that I struggle with.

      I pride myself on working things out. That’s difficult to do when you’re relying on others for help and you don’t want to let others down.

      Your comment is music to my ears Tim. I love that it’s making a difference and you noticed! I love that.

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