A child’s wish

I am sure to some extent we can live with one or two small issues being ignored, but isn’t a parent supposed to help us work through our issues, so that we make the transition from childhood into adulthood more easily?

It’s comforting when the parental support we get, helps us deal with our issues. Knowing a parent is there, even if they can’t always help or won’t always be around, should at least give us confidence that we can get through anything.

I have had to work without emotional support over the years, and although I wouldn’t change that because it has helped make me into the person I have become, it would have helped me cope with my disability.

That would have made my transition to adulthood a lot easier, particularly with what I have had to deal with. I would say it’s a child’s greatest wish.

1 May, 2013

2 thoughts on “A child’s wish

  1. My parents are and were good people, helping me through things that happened at the moment. They had good intentions, but I don’t feel they prepared me for adulthood. They didn’t give me the support I needed in deciding what to do with my life.

    I struggled after high school, deciding what career choice was best for me. My father thought I would go into the performing arts, but didn’t tell me that until I was finished with nursing school! My mom didn’t have an opinion.

    If she did she didn’t voice it to me. I went to college right out of high school, started in Cosmetology, quit, then started secretarial school and got my certificate, then finished nursing school, but was not satisfied with that.

    So I went into commercial graphics which I made it through 1 semester of and quit that. I tried to further my nursing degree twice and quit both times. I ended up spending 25 years as a nurse in various job fields (I was still unsettled).

    I now want to go into holistic clinical nutrition. I started that, but the school closed and I was left with an incomplete education and a school loan that I’m still paying off. I’m still wanting to pursue this though.

    My father isn’t around anymore, but my mom is and is finally supportive of my choice. Why she waited so long to support me or voice her opinion about my future I’ll never know.

    1. Gosh Lisa, you’ve covered a lot of ground today. If it were me I would go back and ask your mom that question and see how she responds, it’s never too late to ask.

      It sounds from what you say though that your father and mother acted independently when it came to your upbringing. Your father had his own ideas about your choice of career and your mother had no opinion at all.

      Had they have liased together you would have had more of a direction. You had little support, but not much guidance and no direction, which is why you ended up doing so many things and why you were so unsettled all the time.

      At least now you know what you want to do, although that hasn’t quite worked out either. It’s positive that you at least know, it’s taken a while but you got there. I would be okay with that.

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