A disability buried

Living with a disability isn’t easy. But living with symptoms you know you have, but know nothing about is even harder. Knowing you have symptoms and not understanding your symptoms or struggles are even harder still.

A disability being brushed under the carpet, buried… never spoken about, meant I would never get to talk about my physical or neurological difficulties growing up. It’s not what any child with a disability should have to go through, regardless of their circumstances.

Although my blog has given me an outlet to talk about my difficulties, my experiences and how I feel about my life and what happened to me, away from that my disability is still very much buried.

Perhaps I need to get my head around that fact that, the fact that will never change. That what I had as a child, is what I have now. Not talking about my disability away from my blog was and still is my life.

It used to bother me, but it doesn’t now. I am lucky, I have a platform and I get to talk and  have my say. In a way, I right a wrong on all of experiences. That’s all I need.

11 Mar, 2019

2 thoughts on “A disability buried

  1. No ones disability should be dismissed or ignored. Irrespective of the circumstances I believe that is abuse.

    That said there is nothing to be gained from looking back, or wishing things would have been different, all you can do is find a place for it, move on and use your experiences for the positive.

    That is exactly what you have shown us to do and perhaps that is the reason you were subject to this experiences in the first place.

    1. Yes and yes. I agree with you on both. If you believe as I do, that things happen for a reason, my blog is that reason and therefore it was supposed to happen in the way it did.

      As human beings we have the ability to reconcile. My issue is the amount of years I was subjected to not knowing. Those less strong, may not emotionally have come through the ordeal as I have.

      I did have my moments, but I continued to remain as resolutely steadfast to myself as much as I could. I never allowed myself to waiver.

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