A gift from Cerebral Palsy

I remember helping a friend work through some issues when the conversation moved to my blog. I used to think everyone could write, but through our conversation, it became clear that my ability to write, came as a gift with my disability.

Without cerebral palsy I wouldn’t have a gift, but through autism my senses are heightened. Whilst I failed at most things as a child and was embarrassed to talk about or even own up to those, those failings have been replaced with something that allows me to see the world from an altogether different standpoint.

Through this standpoint I am able to see the bigger picture on my experiences, whilst helping others understand their own lives through their own experiences.

Having neurological and emotional impairments, being able to write in this way and bringing understanding to all of my experiences, has become the light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

22 Jul, 2018

4 thoughts on “A gift from Cerebral Palsy

  1. Yes, you’re able to see the world from a totally different perspective, which is a gift as far as your writing.

    I have also been able to see things differently from other people considering what I have been through and experienced in my life.

    I was exposed to a lot of horrible things as a child, but nobody ever explained what was going on; so eventually I had to figure it out on my own.

    My skills as an empath were put to the test, as I had to quickly figure out who was safe and who wasn’t, after my parents brainwashed me into being nice to a lot of very sick people.

    I can usually see what others may not see, or choose not to see, in a situation, which is really the only reason I survived my childhood and now it is finally time to start writing about it!

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, the irony is that your parents won’t have know those people were sick. When we have something going on ourselves, we don’t always see it in others.

      When I was growing up it was expected that we would be respectful. Our lives were based around respect. We used to have to call everyone aunt and uncle, even though they weren’t.

      But sometimes the best way to figure something out is to work it out ourselves. I too spent a lifetime working through things myself.

      Looking back it worked out well. I do what I do because I worked it all out myself.

  2. I agree your writing is a gift. Your blogs resonate and shine a light in these dark times. You endured your childhood for good reasons, not obvious at the time but obvious now.

    1. Thank you! I’m happy to leave your response with you. I have nothing more that I feel I need to add.

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