A Life Less Ordinary

A life less ordinary because I deal with a disability and every-day challenges others take for granted. I am different, I am unique; I have a different learning style and pace. I’m living a life of worth.

I look back on my own childhood, and as I do, I see a different pattern emerging of my own circumstances living with mental and emotional difficulties, I didn’t know I had. A life less ordinary, because I also didn’t know.

A life less ordinary and it’s okay that my disability makes me different. I actually love the fact that I am. Our difficulties lie with those who choose to ignore and make our disability about us, instead of accepting us for who we are. From my struggles I have been able to pull myself up and change what I had, to something that became less than ordinary.

Finding out about my disability has changed my life. I live with a disability and there is no way I am able to get away from that. I am who I am and I have achieved what I have, in spite of the obstacles of dealing with a disability I didn’t know I had.

For the first time, I am living my life on my own terms with my disability, and not the way others expect or want me to live, but the way I must live. It wouldn’t be my choice, it’s a difficult life to live, acceptance for one thing, which around a disability isn’t easily achieved.

Yes, I live and deal with a disability. Around my disability, it’s acceptance others must deal with. It’s how disability works. I am dedicating this blog to everyone with a disability who may struggle to fit into their lives with their disability.

27 Dec, 2020

4 thoughts on “A Life Less Ordinary

  1. You are a uniquely talented person Ilana, but your uniqueness goes beyond your gifts and achievements.

    I am so glad you have allowed yourself the dignity of being the person the universe really wants you to be.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, I would never go against how I am or how the universe expects me to be. Even as a small child I tried, but it was impossible given my disability, and the way that worked out, I would have to wait.

      I still continue to believe my beliefs and my disability saved me. I was determined not to let go or give in to what I innately believed. To live with a disability is hard enough, to have it ignored as if it didn’t exist, was even harder, but I see myself as privileged.

      My disability has given me a life. The universe had already planned this out for me. It’s clear we were both in sync with each other.

  2. Your life has certainly been anything other than ordinary. You are a beacon of wonder lighting our way in a world of darkness.

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