A little despondent

After an unsuccessful weekend, I am feeling somewhat despondent this morning. With no emotional support growing up, I find it hard to be the adult sometimes.

Time has brought me to this place, but it’s all it has done. Emotionally, I don’t always feel the adult. I have become my own guide and mentor and although that helps me cope, it’s also been very hard. It comes on the back of some very tough weeks. I usually pride myself on my coping skills and resilience, not today.

I have missed out on my childhood. I’ve been left with a gaping hole in its wake. Every now and again I subconsciously go back to that place that I was at my most comfortable. I have to grow up and face my realities.

I’m not one to give up or mope around and I will always do my best. I believe as adults we’re expected to get on with things, it doesn’t matter whether we’re up to the job or not. Today I’m not up to the job.

8 Nov, 2011

8 thoughts on “A little despondent

  1. Sorry to hear that you’re not feeling particularly well about how things are going in your life.

    I know how hard it can be when certain situations in your life bring up a lot of old feelings. Hopefully things will calm down for you very soon and you’ll be back to your old self.

  2. You’re not one to dwell on things even when feeling like this. I know you can move forward and I am confident that you will do just that.

  3. I agree with you about kids these days.

    Generally speaking, I don’t think many have the respect they should and don’t appreciate what their parents do for them.

    I’m really hoping things look up for you soon. Keep on hanging in there!! xxx

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