A little girl’s dream

When I was a little girl, I used to imagine happily ever after scenarios, but as I began to grow up, I slowly came to realise that’s not how life really is, well not my life anyway. That we constantly have to work at things, sort issues out and even then we may not get the happily ever scenario.

Years on and looking at my life and given what I’ve had to deal with physically and emotionally, I’m definitely not looking at a happily ever after scenario, but in my usual optimistic way I shall continue to work on things so that tomorrow is at least better, with everything I deal with.

30 May, 2014

2 thoughts on “A little girl’s dream

  1. My happily ever after was a wonderful husband and a house full of kids.

    I always wanted six kids, I don’t know why six, but that was my magic number. That dream was crushed after I had my first. Because of diabetes, having any more than one child was out of the question. Then my marriage went fowl so my dream was rushed once again.

    I got remarried and became a mom to a sweet little girl so I had 2 children now and my husband was a dream. I still couldn’t have anymore children due to my diabetes but I had gotten used to the idea that I wasn’t going to have my magic six. We have since adopted a little boy and I’m happy with what I have. We have a beautiful family now and have two grandchildren also.

    I think we just have to learn to live with what we have. It may not be the dream we’ve always had, but it could be worse. I mean we could have nothing and have an empty life.

    We can’t let our disabilities get in our way of having that happy life. We get what we put into it.

    1. Thanks Lisa. Now when you put it like that, I’ve not really thought about it in this way.

      It’s a difficult one, but as long as the dream we have doesn’t hurt anyone, helps us work through our lives and with each other, then it doesn’t really matter what we dream. As you have eloquently pointed out though, sometimes our dreams don’t always match our reality and invariably we have other things to deal with.

      My dream was to have what I didn’t have in my childhood. A happily ever after thought that somehow my life could be like that.

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