A new chapter

When I look back over the last few weeks, I am reminded of how difficult those weeks have been at times, but I have also been reminded of why those things happened in the way they did in those weeks. Life’s a bit like that.

Although I knew it would have to be different, Daniel’s graduation worked out the way it was supposed to. This coming weekend will also mark a new chapter in our lives as Daniel relocates permanently to London. I have new thoughts of course, but I am positive and fairly upbeat about his move.

17 Jul, 2014

4 thoughts on “A new chapter

  1. Glad you’re being upbeat about Daniel’s move. It was difficult for me when my two girls moved, but it got easier. I just had to let them grow up and live their lives. Now it looks like one of them maybe moving back for good (at least for now).

    I hope thnigs get a lot easier for you and you have a bunch of good weeks to come!!!

  2. I believe we have difficult times for a reason. Unfortunately that reason may not always be clear, but they are behind you, with exciting times with Daniel ahead.

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