A new reflection

With two days to go to 2015, I thought I’d use this time to reflect on my year on The CP Diary.

I cannot believe another year has passed and I’m still writing about my experiences, whilst putting my experiences and life into context. Since I set up my website just over four and a half years ago, I have learned many things about myself.

There are things I know I can’t change, things I would have liked to change, but know they never will or can be, things that others should have done differently that I have to live with. Instead, I need to go with the flow because that makes my life easier and because I have no choice.

My website gives me hope and my experiences give me inspiration for my writing. I hope you also go into 2015 with a more positive outlook, so that you too can change what you feel you need to change.

30 Dec, 2014

10 thoughts on “A new reflection

  1. Thank you Ilana for sharing your thoughts feelings and experiences through your blog.

    What I like is that your comments are thought provoking and have made me re-evaluate my own life in a positive way. Not to worry so much about the small stuff, not to dwell on unresolved past issues and to try to live and focus in the present moment.

    I wish you a very happy and peaceful 2015 with lots more great blogs to read and reflect upon.

    1. Thank you so much Mel. I appreciate your feedback and look forward to writing more in 2015.

      I also wish you a very happy, peaceful and healthy 2015.

    1. Thanks Lisa. Yes when we have a tough year it’s always lovely to be able to move on. I hope that next year isn’t such a tough year for you.

  2. 2014 was the most challenging year of my life; I look forward to putting it behind me. But the CP Dairy has been my friend through some very turbulent times and I am grateful for its existence.

    This site offers diversity of thought and marries the mind with the global community. Thank you Ilana.

    1. Ahhh, you’re welcome. I’m so pleased my blogs have helped you too. Thank you so much for your continued support. It’s your responses and responses like yours that have made the site the success it is.

      Tim I look forward to seeing you in 2015, when we can both put 2014 behind us and look forward to a less challenging and better year.

  3. With the start of a New Year I have this anticipation of what it holds for me. I just hope the good stuff outweighs the not so good stuff.

    Keep up the great work on your blog. May you have a very Happy 2015!

    1. Thanks Maria. I am sure many more of us will have the same anticipation as you about a New Year and what that year will have to offer. I’m sure you’re not alone.

      I hope you have a very Happy 2015 too.

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