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In a world that is fast changing, it would be easy to feel demoralised, anxious and stressed. Given the rhetoric that’s going on in the world, I turn to my Diary.

It’s a place where I can read my blogs in my own time. Rereading my blogs, allow me time to put my life into perspective so that I can live my life comfortably. My site has become a place of peace, a place where I can be myself in a world, I don’t always recognise.

There is a ‘golden thread’ running through my blogs that others can tap into. A thread that brings our lives together, allowing us to work on being better and living a more peaceful life. In a fast-changing world, I believe The CP Diary can be instrumental in keeping our minds proactive, allowing us to continue to challenge aspects of our lives, so that we may continue to remain calm.

There will be people who emotionally challenge us, because they feel emotionally challenged themselves, that’s life. Others feeling challenged will always put the spotlight on us, making us stressed and more emotionally withdrawn. When I’m feeling stressed, I bring myself back to the Diary.

I simply go back to that place and continue to read. It’s a place where I can emotionally and spiritually grow and be myself. It’s a place where I get to question my life; it’s a place where I feel nurtured; a place where I can be at peace and be myself and to know that I’m not alone.

It’s also a place for reflection, a place for us to understand our life. It’s a place for me to think about my writing, a place where I can continue to align my thoughts with my ideologies and lifestyle.

These things help us promote change, but first we must be a part of that change. It is always important we are emotionally proactive. The CP Diary is that place.

28 Feb, 2017

4 thoughts on “A peaceful & proactive place

  1. Yes, that does make a lot of sense and something I don’t have a lot of right now. I used to have my man cave to go to, but that was taken over by an unwelcome visitor who will probably never leave.

    I live with someone who revels in the chaos and insanity, so needless to say having a refuge from it would be fantastic if it was available. I have such a hard time myself staying focused. I would prefer that my home be an island of tranquility in a world gone mad but it doesn’t quite work out that way under the current circumstances.

    I am facing so many major changes that I know won’t be pleasant, so it is nice to have this blog to come to, where so many things make sense. Keep up the great work.

    1. Aww thanks Randy. Yes, The CP Diary helps me stay focused. I love having your support Randy and if I can help you too through what you have to deal with through some of my blogs. We can’t always dictate other’s behaviour, so it’s always good to have something that bridges the gap and helps us.

      I’m pleased my blogs make sense and hope they are a help for you too with what you have to deal with. You will be pleased to hear I have no intention of giving up!!

  2. I have to tell you, when I found the CP Diary I found a bit of myself in you and your readers. It made feel good, happy and less anxious with every read.

    I find this world easier to digest since reading the CP Diary; it’s everything I need to develop really well.

    1. Aww thanks Tim. Ditto on all your thoughts. I have to say your last paragraph particularly resonates with me.

      The CP Diary is also a feel good factor for me too and brings order back into my life.

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