A perfect life

If life were perfect I’d never learn, let alone change anything. If life were perfect I wouldn’t know how to cope when life was less than perfect.

If life were perfect, I’d have nothing to learn from or to aspire to. If life were perfect, I’d take everything for granted and lose what I have. If life were perfect my thoughts and feelings would be more orderly, instead of being all over the place. If life were perfect I wouldn’t be me, I’d be a different version of me.

Now if I was asked whether I’d change so that I was born into a perfect life my answer would be no. I’m happy with the lessons I’ve learned. With a perfect life, there would be no lessons for me to learn.

14 Sep, 2013

8 thoughts on “A perfect life

  1. The perfect mess is what perfection is anyway.

    We are in love with our imperfection because imperfection is so liberating.

    Awesome post!

    1. Thanks Tim! Yes of course. I agree with you that some of us will be in love with our imperfections.

      Not everyone will see the need for perfection or will need to have the perfect life, but some may struggle to come to terms with a life less than, particularly what we have in today’s society.

      Unfortunately society puts pressure on us to be perfect.

  2. Yes it would have been nice to have had the perfect life, but like most people I probably wouldn’t have appreciated it!

    I know I haven’t done the best I could have in my life but I also try to remember that I haven’t done the worst things either. I’m only human!

    1. Yes of course, thanks Randy. Your second paragraph is so true. I think the majority of people may resonate with that.

      I think what’s important is what we do from here. I don’t have a perfect life, but I would like a quiet life!

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