A positive slant on my life

Living through trauma isn’t easy, but how we see our experiences through the other end is important. No matter how negative my experiences or life was, it was important I didn’t sugar coat those, in terms of my mental health; it was important I was able to stay present and positive.

A Positive Mental Attitude allows you to assert yourself positively, so that no matter the situation your positive disposition attracts positive change.

Anyone who is mentally positive will always seek to find and execute ways, to put a positive slant on what could be very negative circumstances and to find a desirable outcome for themselves. How we come through the other end is important.

Seeing and having a positive slant on your situation, doesn’t mean we dismiss what’s happening to us or that what happened didn’t happen. Those things will still be part of our experiences, but it will allow us to take a more balanced approach on what we deal with.

I could either continue to think positively on my trauma, or I could continue to see my trauma negatively and that would negatively impact my mental health. Being positive, carried me through my experiences, through my life. No matter what I dealt with around a disability I didn’t know I had, I always put a positive slant on things.

Putting a positive slant on our experiences, doesn’t take away the initial deed, what’s been done is done, but it will always allow us to focus on and look for the positives and that helps us come through the other end with a more positive disposition.

27 Sep, 2020

4 thoughts on “A positive slant on my life

  1. Life should not be ripped from us simply by the way we think, but it happens to the best of us. We know that negativity can conquer us from within.

    So it’s matter of how we govern ourselves, how we think. Excellent blog, Ilana.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, if we let it, negativity can consume us. But I also think we are and can take control, our conditioning minds are the reason why we don’t.

      As I have proved, no matter the conditioning we get to choose how our story goes. How we choose to live our lives is down to each of us.

      We can rely on our conditioning, or we can choose to deal with our conditions, our issues and stay present.

      The irony is none of us are free of our early conditioning or our issues, but we get to choose whether we deal with those or move on from them or not.

  2. One of the benefits of staying positive is it brings a level of resilience, determination and strength which you have shown is the antithesis of stress and its attendant emotional and physical ill-health.

    1. Thanks. Yes, as I see it and it could have happened with me, is you can either sink or swim.

      If you sink you lose a life you could have had, and if you swim you have the life you choose for yourself and on your own terms. Yes, we’re born and in the early years we’re not always in control, but as the adult, we have more control.

      The sad reality is that where we think we have no control, we lose heart and give up, but with a little thought, resilience, determination and strength, I believe we all have the ability to come through.

      I didn’t give up, no matter the stress or trauma, I held on to hope and an indominable will.

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