A question of support

Support is great if you have people who can give you support, but not everyone has the ability to be a support. Our experiences are the catalyst in us being able to support others.

People often find practical support easier than the emotional kind and although the practical side is the easiest form of support, it’s also the more time consuming. But although we all need emotional support, others helping us out in practical ways, can alleviate some of our stress.

If we are emotionally supported, we will be more able to act as a support to other people later on. Support is something we can all learn. Just because we’ve never had support, doesn’t mean we can never give support.

For those people, it may just take them longer to work through the logistics of how they can be a support.

25 Jul, 2012

4 thoughts on “A question of support

  1. That’s one of the good things about my family. We are there for each other in emotional and practical ways.

    I try to support people the best I can and it is harder when you don’t live close, so you give support the best way you know how.

    1. You’re on one of the lucky ones. From my own experience not everyone has that support network.

      It is harder of course when family aren’t on the doorstep, but we do what we can when we can and as you say Lisa in the best way we know how. I’m pleased for you.

  2. I never got any support of any kind when I was younger. I was just left to my own devices so virtually raised myself in an emotional and practical vacuum.

    That has certainly shown me how not to do it as a parent and I enjoy taking an interest in my children and their well being.

    I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    1. Although we experience negative values in our formative years, you’ve shown how something negative can turn into something positive. Your parents missed out on good times.

      It’s lovely as parents to be able to take an interest in our children’s life and accomplishments. I agree with you.

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