A sense of change

I believe it’s true that we go through life more or less knowing what to expect and with any small changes that come along, we’re usually equipped to cope. Because any small changes are not so different from the norm, they continue to have an overall sense of familiarity about them, so we cope.

But how do we cope with changes we’re not expecting? It could be anything from a significant event, to new information that changes or invalidates our assumptions. Anything that isn’t familiar, may automatically throw us into chaos, into an unfamiliar territory we’re not ready for.

And perhaps that’s the problem. Everything around us may then become unfamiliar and unpredictable. Our thoughts may begin to change, our usual behaviour patterns thrown into chaos and we suddenly begin to struggle with motivational issues, which didn’t seem a problem before.

Any new changes may leave us with unfamiliar thoughts and feelings, anxiety, stress and confusion. It doesn’t matter if how you usually respond is not how you feel you should respond.

Whilst we begin to work through change, there are no right or wrong answers. It’s what works for us and so that we begin to cope and feel better about change.

8 Sep, 2011

4 thoughts on “A sense of change

  1. I agree.

    In my recent experience, the ‘big issues’ tend to come along when things are going fine and when you least expect them. That in itself makes them all the more chaotic.

    Staying in control is vital as is working through change. Unfortunately change has a habit of upsetting the status quo very quickly and it can be very difficult indeed to address and reconcile.

    1. I agree with your points. Dealing with change can be very difficult to address and reconcile, but never impossible with a good positive attitude.

  2. I seem to cope better after the initial shock, but still worry sometimes and that’s what I need to work on because I know what will be will be.

    1. You’re absolutely right Lisa. I agree with you. With any big change we may all feel a little bit of what you feel until we’re through the initial stage. There is of course an element of worry until we know things will be okay.

      I’m sure you’re not alone.

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