A tiring week

I’m lucky that no two days are the same. My thoughts and feelings come and go and they’re never the same twice. Once I’ve got my thoughts out on paper, I don’t always remember what those thoughts are, which means I carry less stress.

It’s been a long and tiring week dealing with outstanding issues brought about by my father’s passing, but I think we’re finally getting there and making progress in the right direction. The next few days will be telling. I feel tired today, but I’m doing okay.

13 Oct, 2013

4 thoughts on “A tiring week

  1. I’m glad you’re working through things. It does take a while to work through things when someone dies and you’re left with unfinished business like a home and belongings.

    When my father died there was a store to take care of which we sold to some very nice people, but there was also a lot of old things in the store and I found it hard to part with things that belonged to both my father and grandfather.

    I finally moved on and have some of the things I thought more precious to me. I hope things continue to move forward for you and get settled soon.

    1. Thanks Lisa. Yes things certainly take time to settle when we lose someone. I have a feeling things will continue to move forward. I hope I’m not wrong!

      I’ve got through the hard part.

  2. Sounds like it was very complicated for you, but hope it settles down for you!

    I’m expecting things to be chaotic when my father passes, considering he didn’t take the time to make any arrangements so we have to take care of all that stuff!

    I’ve been through that with my mother so I know what it’s like. Hopefully things won’t be as difficult as I fear they will be!

    1. Thanks Randy. Sometimes when we’re familiar with our circumstances, second time round we tend to cope a lot better. I hope that happens for you.

      It will be nice to think you’ll have an easier ride handling your father’s affairs, although it’s not their affairs that are hard; dealing with our siblings can be harder.

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