A week passed

I dedicate this blog to anyone who is still going through, or has gone through dealing with a relative who is terminally ill.

It’s been a week since my father passed and I’m feeling okay about it. I’m just very tired. Although I dealt with my father’s illness the way I intended, there was always stress attached to my visits with him. I don’t believe anyone is immune from stress when they’re dealing with someone, who is dealing with a terminal illness.

We all deal with illness differently. It’s still early days of course, but I feel I need more time to catch up on sleep. I’m sure I probably have sleep deprivation.

13 Mar, 2013

8 thoughts on “A week passed

  1. Thank you for the dedication. My mom has metastatic stage 4 breast cancer but she is still strong and keeps going.

    My father passed away in 2004 from cancer and I’m still grieving but not as much. I think it stays with you for a long time. I had a great relationship with my father. He was my biggest fan as I was his.

    After his passing I was exhausted. It took me weeks to get back to some normalcy. I’m sure you will get back to a normalcy that is comfortable with you soon. Hang in there! xx

    1. You’re welcome. You’re right Lisa, it takes some of us (others not so much) to work through the grieving process.

      I have very strong beliefs that my father is around me now. I know he’s whole again free of pain and suffering. I feel sure it is these thoughts that help me with the grieving process.

  2. I know with my mother we had a whole year of knowing she was terminal. You are always waiting for it to happen.

    Very difficult. I know I did not sleep well once she took a turn for the worse, but it was a relief once she did pass because it meant the pain and suffering were finally over.

    Take time to catch up on your sleep. It is important you now take care of you after doing everything you could for your father.

    He is at peace now. You handled everything very well. I am sure you father is proud of you how you were so strong when you needed to be.

    1. Thanks Randy. I was actually surprised at how much stronger I was. I wasn’t sure whether I would have been strong enough to see my father pass. I thought that he would probably pass in the middle of the night. I had no idea he would go during the day.

      I know you’re right. My father is very much at peace now. I believe in my heart that he’s also proud of me for being so strong.

  3. I have not dealt with death first hand as you all have here. I can only remember hearing the sadness in my Aunt’s voice when speaking to her over the phone.

    I did get to see her a few months before she passed and she looked so weak and tired. I was relieved to know she had passed, although I miss her very much and always think about her. I know she is at peace and isn’t suffering any more.

    1. I’m not sure it really matters Maria. The outcome is the same, it’s just slightly harder watching a relatively literally take their last breath.

      I believe your aunt was aware of your concerns, love and support throughout her illness. Her thoughts of you will not have changed. I also don’t believe we have to be there in their final moments.

      Getting it right when they’re here is far more important.

  4. I’m sure you are very overtired right now, but it will pass!

    I know it took me a while after my mother’s passing for me to feel somewhat normal. Just remember to take care of yourself and don’t get too worn out!

    Hope you feel better soon.

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