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I’m not sure why I have so many thoughts on my childhood now, but another memory came to mind yesterday on my education growing up. I had major difficulties in the classroom with my teachers and parents ignoring my difficulties.

Our background has a lot to do with our parents’ being educated and our subsequent education. Although my case is different because of my neurological difficulties, studies have shown that children are more likely to succeed in education, having parents who are. My parents didn’t come from educated families, but given my father’s background he was keen for my brother to have an education.

“A study of 16,000 14 year-olds, commissioned by the educational charity the Sutton Trust, found that in England, 56% of teenagers whose parents had degrees, scored high enough grades to perform in the top quarter of their peer group.” The Guardian.co.uk.

There are other problems in the education system. In England not all children have equal opportunities to achieve high grades in school and children who do not live in an affluent area, have more difficulty getting into good high schools. The UK government is also putting the emphasis back on schools, in terms of examination league tables, so that school exam performances are widely available.

Universities have always been able to select the best candidates, but they are now being more choosy about who they pick.  Through changes in government funding they are now beginning to take more students who attend state high schools, rather than private schools.

In the same research there is also evidence to suggest that those parents who read and introduce their children early on in their formative years and who have at least 100 books are nearly 5 times more likely to do better in school.

In any event with parents’ backing children I see no reason why children will not go on to do well. Obviously various obstacles may make it more difficult, but with guidance and support they should do the best they can.  Something I never had.

17 Jan, 2011

4 thoughts on “About my education

  1. The past is the past; deal with the present, but then again I should take my own advice shouldn’t i? I love you.

  2. Good information. I had some support from my parents, but I think they expected me not to do well, but I proved to them that I could be as smart as the next person.

    I really think they didn’t have high hopes for me, because when I was diagnosed at age 8 with diabetes they were told I would be very sick and poorly the rest of my life and that I probably wouldn’t live very long.

    I guess I proved the doctors wrong too.

    1. Lisa, I think doctors back then weren’t in the know or advanced in the information they had about most conditions. They obviously know more now. But as you and I know now, as a parent you never give up on your child, regardless of any prognosis that’s been given.

      As you proved to your parents you were as smart as the next. As far as your diabetes was concerned, they were obviously following the advice of doctors.

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