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Sadly for those of us dealing with Sensory Processing Disorder, even if someone tells us something is going to be alright, we don’t always know it’s going to be alright, until we see it’s alright. I am intending to write a little more about SPD, explaining how the condition can be best managed. It’s still something I have to work through, made all the harder through other people’s attitude of what they think I deal with and how intense they think I am. My issues are sometimes made worse because I deal with SPD and that sadly changes the way I manage things.

16 Aug, 2017

2 thoughts on “About SPD

  1. My guess is that SPD would also be something that kids with Asperger’s also have to deal with from what I have seen. My niece was always very intense and had extreme tactile issues, which I can understand.

    You wouldn’t be able to process information the same way as everyone else, so why would they expect you to handle it the same way? I’m not quite sure of why, but I seem to be able to better comprehend these issues than most people.

    I’m guessing that it has a lot to do with being an Empath and being able to connect with others on a level that most people can’t. It isn’t something I often share with people, seeing as they usually think that you’re loony tunes, but I am what I am and can’t change that.

    It would just be helpful if others at least tried to see things from your perspective, to better understand what you go through.

    1. Thanks Randy. From a voice of reason. Yes, sadly people like me with SPD, will never process information in the way everyone else does, so the way we manage our issues will always be managed differently too. There needs to be an acceptance on that.

      But I think your last paragraph sums up your response on my blog. When we have other people’s support, what we have to deal with will always be easier, instead of it being a battle on both fronts.

      You mention Asperger’s. I believe you’re right.

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