Given the fact that we are all the product of our individual upbringing, development and experiences, we will feel different about many different issues. But to accept other people’s differences, we must first feel comfortable in our own skin.

We must learn to accept ourselves unconditionally. In order not to get hurt, we put up barriers to protect ourselves, instead of opening up. There is a part of us that also wants to know about others, but instead we choose not to ask.

The world would be very small and less diverse if we all thought the same things and had the same beliefs, but that’s what makes life so interesting. We should learn to embrace each other, through our cultures and beliefs. Being open to other people’s beliefs brings about so many opportunities for us to learn and respect each other’s similarities and values, as well as our differences.

These are the qualities that make us unique, but it can often be our uniqueness that drives us apart. Being open allows us to take on a wider understanding of the world and the people in it. We may even find new opportunities to travel and form new friendships through the various mediums.

When we close our mind to the possibilities of learning about other people’s and their differences, we close the door on our lives in more ways than we will know. Our life only ever encompasses and mirrors the people around us, as long as we’re open enough with them, otherwise our world will become even smaller.

Unfortunately, any differences can make us emotionally challenged, unless we learn to adapt and accept other people’s differences and beliefs. In retrospect, even if we don’t agree we should at least learn the art of respect.

With an open mind, there should be no reason why we can’t learn to accept other people.

18 Jan, 2013

6 thoughts on “Accepting

  1. I agree! We should learn to accept others regardless.

    I think a lot of today’s problems wouldn’t be, if everyone accepted others. Everybody is special in their own way. Just because we don’t look, act or believe as we do, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be accepting.

  2. If we were all the same it would be a very boring world. I always listen to what other people say.

    I may not always agree with them but they have just as much right to express their opinion as I do.

  3. So very on point and agree 100%! I really wish the rest of the world would grasp this. I try to tell people who are judgemental (family, friends) this and either they agree completely or comeback with a no tolerance response.

    Anyway, this is very true; to accept everyone and their differences; values; opinions and beliefs because we’ll all learn something.

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