Accepting change

In life things are inevitable, so are the problems we face. But each day is a step nearer to a solution whatever that solutions turns out to be.

I have always believed that our emotional problems outweigh our physical ones and that if we deal with our emotions and we find a resolve on those, we’re more likely to resolve some of our physical problems, primarily because we’d cope better.

When I was younger, I used to think that buying material things would right other parts of my life, but in hindsight I was naïve. We are the ones to make our lives right, no one else can. It’s the same with acceptance on change.

If we have no choice, then we must come to terms with and accept that we have no choice, without trying to find or change to something we believe will be better. I believe that wanting to make more changes, without bringing an acceptance on what we have, brings about a perception that we must have things perfect.

Just as my life with Cerebral Palsy is far from perfect, it’s not something I can change. I never wanted to reach that plateau of thinking that I or my life was ever perfect, but with a disability to deal with, I am reminded it’s not.

16 Sep, 2011

4 thoughts on “Accepting change

  1. Nothing in life is perfect.

    We have to find our own way and as much happiness along the way. Care about those who love you and love them in return. They may not be perfect, but then again neither are we.

  2. In school I though I had to be perfect to get friends and I was far from it. A few years ago I was into perfection. Everything had to be perfect so my children grew up with an anal mother and I’m sorry I was like that.

    I’ve learned since that things aren’t perfect and are not going to be. I accept things in an imperfect way now and I’m happier for it.

    I think our happiness should be more important and perfection doesn’t bring happiness. We have to create that for ourselves and accept an imperfect world.

    1. When we deal with imperfection and are happy that things in our lives don’t have to be perfect; then we’ll be more in a position to accepting change.

      I believe that needs to happen if we are to move forward with our lives.

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