Accepting universal truths

In 2020 my website will be 10 years old. I am aware that without my writing or website, I would be no nearer to understanding my disability. I certainly wouldn’t have gone down the knowing what I have route.

But if like me, you believe in universal truths and you believe your life turns out the way it does, it would always have taken me this long to get to this point with everything I’ve had to deal with and achieve. My experiences to the point of diagnosis at 46, were my experiences to have.

For us to continue to encourage a positive thinking, a positive outlook and self-confidence, it is important we bring universal truths into the equation around our experiences and find an acceptance on those.

The thought processes we assign to our experiences will determine the quality of our lives and those universal truths. Our perceptions colour the way we feel about ourselves, about the world and about the people in our lives.

When we live by universal truths, we will always find and live with acceptance on our experiences. Most of us will bring our own truths into the equation, but without universal truths, our lives will never work out.

26 Nov, 2019

2 thoughts on “Accepting universal truths

  1. I often try to capture the essence of this life, the universal truth. But that can only be achieved if I give birth to a new way of thinking. In other words, I need to clean up this residue I’ve accumulated over the years.

    But The CP Diary has been a friend, amid my chaos. It has prevented me from saying yes to things that I should say no to. That’s the universal truth.

    1. Awww thanks Tim. Yes, you’re absolutely right. For us to achieve ‘universal truths’ it is vital we clean up the residue we accumulate over the years.

      Although it’s important we think about and put others first, what we want for ourselves is even more important. It doesn’t help that we’re born into cultures, where we are expected to conform.

      The cosmos is made up of universal truths are there whether we tap into them or not, but for our lives to work out, we must work towards embracing our truths and not those of others.

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