Achieving clarity

Now that we’ve explored the meaning of clarity, how do we now turn our life around to achieve it? I believe it’s so important that any thoughts and actions we know will lead to less clarity are the thoughts we need to move away from.

The following might be useful:

  • Don’t mix out with people who drift in no direction and who are negative;
  • Stop watching television excessively or play video games and surfing the net, as these activities can have the oppose effect on what you’re trying to achieve;
  • Don’t complain your way through life, instead be positive;
  • Stop beating yourself up over things that have been said, or carry guilt over issues that are part of your past even if those issues are yours or not.

For more clarity, we should do the following:

  • Mix with people who share the same values and outlook as us;
  • Read inspirational books and listen to affirmation tapes;
  • Eat foods that enhance our memory so that we keep the brain alert and focused;
  • Take on less problems and move away from those who undermine or find fault with us;
  • Think about what we want to achieve and slowly work through our list;
  • Make sure any goals we’re working on, are realistic and within reach;
  • Cut down on stimulants including coffee, beer and alcohol, as these will all interfere with clarity.

I believe certain factors contribute to us having more clarity, whereas other factors will contribute to us having less. It’s important we work out which those factors are.

My thoughts would be for us to do less of what doesn’t work and do more of what does. It’s important to find out what works, so that we can work towards change and having clarity.

4 Dec, 2011

4 thoughts on “Achieving clarity

  1. Great suggestions.

    I do tend to dwell on the past and how I could have reacted differently to certain situations, but I’m better than I used to be.

    I used to beat myself up terribly for things I said or didn’t say.

    I’m more positive than I used to be.

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