Adjusting into our lives

I love the fact that I get to blog about things that I’ve never been able to speak about. Not being able to speak about those things in my formative years is exactly why I have my blog and why I write now.

With a recent Autism diagnosis it very much feels as though I’m back at square one. I lost the battle to bring closure earlier, but once the opportunity presented to me and that is exactly how it happened, for the first time I was able to set wheels in motion. For the last 9 years I have come to learn everything about my disability, now I can adjust into my life with my disability, just being me.

No matter how hard it is to understand why our life works out the way it does in our formative years, we can change how we see ourselves even if something we’re to happen that would change the status quo. I could have continued to hone-in on all the negativity around my physical and emotional problems growing up, or I could choose to live with hope. I chose the latter.

But I’m no different to anyone else who has struggled with trauma, neglect or abuse. Whatever we deal with through trauma, it’s how we interpret and what we take from trauma that changes how we get to live our lives.

We can take lessons from our experiences so that we understand how we got to where we are, or we can continue to be a victim and change nothing. Even though I feel I’m back at square one, it’s obvious with nearly 9 years of blogs behind me I’m not.

Feeling slightly battered and bruised with a new diagnosis, it’s going to take a good while longer to work through the emotional consequences of the report contents.

6 Feb, 2019

4 thoughts on “Adjusting into our lives

  1. Yes, it does help to have a place to get your thoughts out and talk about the things that neither of us had much of a chance to talk about growing up.

    I’m sure that’s why we have connected on many levels, since we had similar backgrounds as far as not talking about things.

    I know when I was diagnosed with ADHD a few years ago, it made a lot of sense as to why I had so many of the issues that I did as a kid and brought up a lot of the old feelings.

    The biggest issue I have is living with someone who isn’t very sympathetic or understanding and which is why I have to break out on my own.

    I have to work on dealing with myself and the nightmare that I’ve lived through to get my head straight, so that I can finally live my own life, but I obviously can’t do it in this environment.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, our environment is the difference between us staying well and getting ill, unless you’re made of steel and you can control your emotions so that they don’t affect you mentally or physically.

      As hard as it is, it’s important we find ways to adjust into our lives. But if nothing changes and we are being affected by those around us, even if that means moving then I would always advocate that over staying and putting up with what potentially is abuse.

      Although we don’t or shouldn’t have to convince others of what we think, it’s their handling of themselves and then towards us that put us emotionally at risk.

  2. The way you identify and calmly digest bad news tells me that something is protecting you from stress. The positive way you respond to the negative.

    You’re teaching me something and I’m listening.

    1. Thanks Tim. Truthfully, it’s my spiritual beliefs that carry me through turning negative into positive. No matter what I deal with, I will always choose to understand so that I can obtain a sense of peace, a sense of purpose.

      I use what I know through my beliefs to understand the meaning behind my experiences, so that I’m looking at the bigger picture and at my connection with others and their role in my experiences.

      That allows me to adjust into my life whilst giving me a sense of purpose to continue forward to find the answers I need. That takes away my stress.

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