All about our subconscious

The subconscious is a powerful tool. It’s not something we are consciously aware of, but it’s there and we need to continue to make ourselves aware. It’s the tool that runs our life behind the scenes.

Sadly, it’s not equipped to distinguish between truth and non-truths. It accepts what it is told and directs those thoughts accordingly. Those are then worked “into the fabric of our lives,” allowing us to believe what we think is true.

The subconscious is also not capable of teaching us what is past and what is present. It deals with images and information supplied to it, completely unrelated to time. That’s the reason why as adults, we still have difficulties in dealing with hurtful experiences from childhood.

As children, we’re too young to understand, reason and accept without question what our parents say, whether what they say are true facts or not, but it’s the subconscious that contributes to our state of mind. But the way we’re taught to see ourselves as children, is the way we’ll see ourselves as adults.

To be told that we’re capable, intelligent and smart will help us believe we are those things, but if we’re not told, or we’re not loved and our parents show us we’re not loved that we’re incapable or inadequate, we will also by the same token, carry those thoughts.

As we grow in experience, it is possible to outgrow some of our early programming to form our own opinions, but some of those thoughts and explanations expressed by others we have had contact with over the years will be firmly rooted in our subconscious, as adults. It’s up to us to do the work on ourselves, to change how we think.

Whether the opinions we have of ourselves are true or not it will make no difference, it’s enough that what we’ve been taught to believe are true.

14 Oct, 2010

10 thoughts on “All about our subconscious

  1. I choose to defeat the negative subconscious. I have to work very diligently to change my self image and work towards a brighter future and do catch myself at times being pulled down by the old subconscious thoughts.

    Hopefully with inner strength the conscious mind can be exercised to be stronger than the subconscious. This is what I consider true growth.

    1. Whilst things are going well Brian, you may find that what you’re doing is working. In times of stress you may find that trying to defeat the ‘subconscious’ which is a lot stronger than we are, is not easy to do.

      I think putting ourselves in a better place and trying to be the best that we can be, will always help us stay in a better place, but illness and trying to work through ‘life’ can sometimes hold us back.

      As long as we don’t go too far back, we can normally move forward quite quickly again. You’re doing brilliantly.

  2. I’ve spent most of my life trying to defeat my subconscious, with very little success. There are just so many tapes playing at once.

    I’m not sure of where to begin most days. It does help when I actually open up to people and talk about what’s going on versus just shutting up and not saying anything.

    Someday I’m hoping that a lot of this will make more sense to me than it does now!

    1. Randy I think what you say is very common for a lot of people. As a child I had so many tapes playing for many years and no matter what I did, I just couldn’t find any relief.

      I think talking does help. Eventually when you have more understanding of what you deal with, you will start to work things out.

  3. I’ve been dealing with mental illness my whole life and I think a big reason for a lot of my problems is locked in my subconscious and I don’t know how to access it.

    I’ve been working with therapists, psychiatrists and have been on medications, but I’m still majorly struggling. I know I need to talk about my problems to try and work through them, but how can I do that when I don’t even know what they really are?

    1. Heather, all of what we have ever dealt with is stored in our subconscious mind. You are completely right in what you say that you’re not sure what your problems are.

      Your problems could stem from way back when you were a child. It could be problems with your siblings, problems with your parents, problems in school, but I believe how we are now stems from our lives way back when.

      Just thinking out loud now, I am just wondering whether hypnotherapy may help you. Sometimes when it’s difficult to unlock how we feel emotionally, hypnotherapy works.

      1. I’ve actually been thinking about some type of regression therapy, or hypnosis if you will, for quite some time.

        I’m just honestly scared of what I might uncover….but I know it’s critical to my recovery process. I’m going to have to face these issues sooner or later.

        1. I think that would be very good for you Heather. I understand why you would feel scared, but unresolved issues never leave us, they just magnify, get bigger and eventually make us more ill.

          You know yourself, you have a lot going on. The sooner you take action, the sooner you will feel better and the sooner your health will improve.

          Go for it. I’ll be here to hold your hand.

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