An expression of gratitude

As a child, I always felt lucky that I had a roof over my head, I was grateful. When I look back, with everything I had to deal with, the picture was far worse than I thought, but I still lived with gratitude.

Those were never my conscious thoughts, but unconsciously that’s how I equated my life. Gratitude is something we may not always seem to have, but gratitude can serve us well and is a quality that makes us thankful, regardless of what we deal with.

It’s a readiness to show appreciation for life, for our existence and for us to become better people, and in return show kindness back. Couple that with other qualities and you have a recipe for a life that is stress-free.

Gratitude is a lifestyle choice. A way of life and if given in abundance should change the quality of our lives. It requires a dedication, a willingness to let go of the past, and the most challenging of experiences, to live quietly in the present moment with a more positive attitude and mind-set.

It doesn’t change our bad experiences, nor does it change the attitude from people we have come to trust, but it helps us move in a more positive direction, so that we can let go of the things that can make us ill.

18 Jan, 2016

2 thoughts on “An expression of gratitude

  1. No matter what our circumstances, we should always have a place in our hearts for gratitude. Some of us find that earlier than others and unfortunately some of use never seem to find it.

    Your blog is a powerful reminder that we should always keep looking.

    1. Thank you. I find it incredibly sad when people don’t have gratitude, because it’s not only kind and conciliatory, but having gratitude helps us stay grounded and allows us to focus on all that is good.

      If more of us took the time to incorporate gratitude into their daily lives, we would be much better off. The world would also be a kinder place, in which to live.

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