An other’s story to be told

Are we ever happy for another’s story to be told? I’m under no illusion that ‘My Story’ may never have been told.

Throughout my life, my story was out of reach, impossible. I felt demoralised, unhappy, angry and out of touch with myself. All the things you’re made to feel when something is swept under the carpet and is completely out of reach.

As it’s a child’s right to know, parents are duty bound to make sure their child is aware of what he or she deals with. I spent a lifetime being judged and misjudged, because I wasn’t only dealing with a physical disability, but I was dealing with neurological issues too that none of us were aware of.

I was considered argumentative, stubborn and awkward, but the reality was I was none of those things. I was judged and misjudged because I was angry all the time and that didn’t go down well at all. When it comes to anyone telling their story, I would say it’s not something others take on lightly.

Invariably stories are told because that person wants to understand. Although our story is for us to tell, there is always a clear message that brings the story together. I think that’s clear, but for those telling their story, it helps them to understand their lives through their thoughts, pertaining to their countless experiences.

Telling our story helps us adjust better. It also helps us find a different take on what we’ve had to deal with for all those years. There will always be others who have clearly played their part in our story, but that is for them to reconcile. We’re all responsible for knowing if we could have done things better.

I believe we can all choose to change another person’s life just by being understanding, even if we can’t always help. But if we’re ever going to be part of someone’s story, it’s important that we make sure our contributions are positive.

‘My Story’ needed to be told, so that I could start to make my own positive contributions through some very dark times.

4 Mar, 2017

6 thoughts on “An other’s story to be told

  1. My parents never really allowed me to have my own story, seeing as it didn’t seem to really matter to them. My mother’s needs always came first and if we were lucky, we got whatever was left over.

    I’m very well aware of what my story could and should have been, seeing as I know I could have done a lot with my life but things didn’t work out that way. The only encouragement I ever really received, was to be a good little dancing monkey for my mommie dearest.

    The only time she ever seemed to notice me, was when she wanted something; but other than that I may as well have been invisible. We were treated more like toys to be played with, rather than living, breathing children.

    I have actually been telling my story for a long time, but only in anonymous settings and not out for the whole world to hear about. My biggest fear is that certain people will remember me from way back, seeing as there were things that I did that I don’t clearly remember doing.

    People aren’t often very sympathetic to the fact that people do occasionally lose their minds and aren’t fully aware of what they’re doing. Maybe if my parents would have gotten me the help I needed and not acted so ashamed, I would have been a lot better off.

    There were so many maybe’s in my story that should have happened, but they didn’t, so I do have a story to tell as awkward and uncomfortable as it may be.

    I figure if telling my story will help to save at least one poor soul from going through the hell that I did, it would make my life worthwhile.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, the story you have to tell, is the one your parents afforded you, but as you rightly say, you may have had a different story to tell and been better off, had your parents got you the help you needed.

      However you go on to tell your story, I believe those who are responsible will already know your story, the part they played. Stories are never easy to tell, but they’re very much a necessity.

      I’m under no illusion about my own Story. I was completely instrumental in changing my own Story. I was determined to find out what was wrong, even though the odds were constantly being stacked against me.

      You can too. Even if your Story isn’t the one that should have been afforded to you, you can now change your own ending.

  2. I was lucky. A lack of hands on parenting, meant that I was able to write and tell my own story. When I look back I realise that it could have ended badly, but on the other hand I now have stories that I can tell.

    Nevertheless I can empathise with anyone less fortunate and understand their need to tell their story as an adult. We all have the right for that story to be heard.

    1. Yes, you have and I agree we have a right for our story to be heard. On the back of my needing to know what I was dealing with for all of those years, came my story.

      I didn’t at that time intend to tell ‘My Story’ in such a public way, but with so much neglect behind me, I felt I needed to do something positive to change such a negative life, so a blog seemed the obvious choice.

      The irony is of course, that if we were to behave differently towards one another, there would be little or no stories for us to tell.

  3. Let’s be honest, we read the Diary because your story is our story, as you have decorated our souls.

    You’d be surprised what your contributions have brought into our lives. That’s why I press my greasy nose to this site everyday.

    1. Awww thanks Tim. I appreciate that. Your story is also my story. We all own a part of each other’s story. That’s what I call life.

      The only difference is some of the background details have been changed to fit the experiences.

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