An overview of my autism

Up until my autism diagnosis was confirmed I was aware of all my symptoms and how I presented, but I had no diagnosis on my neurological symptoms.

Through researching the Autism arising from my cerebral palsy brain damage and my Consultant’s findings, I finally understand my Autism and its characteristics. Like difficulties with abstract, imaginative or flexible thoughts, the need for me to be in a routine, difficulty with change, meeting people for the first time, difficulties with a new environment and having a black and white all or nothing thinking.

I also understand my unusual sensory experiences. These experiences include over and under-sensitivity, difficulties in multi- tasking and processing more than one piece of information at a time and having a delayed processing of those inputs. If too much information is present, they cause my brain to sensory overload and that creates my anxiety, so I try to avoid those.

I have problems with sight, smell, hearing and touch. As a result of over-sensitivity to touch I struggle with light and deep pressure touch and with certain textures like Brillo pads and textured fabrics, although there are certain textures that feel comforting. I also have problems with spatial perception. I struggle with guttural sounds and loud noises.

Lastly, I meet the criteria of having Autism Spectrum Disorder (based on the assessment criteria of the DSM-5 scale) which is commonly called Asperger Syndrome. My Consultant has scored me 108 out of a possible 240, with scores above 65 being indicative of Autism.

21 Feb, 2019

2 thoughts on “An overview of my autism

  1. It’s great that you have a diagnosis which explains you and your experiences, but equally appalling that you had to wait 55 years to find out.

    You can finally make sense of your life. For those who are no longer around to answer for the way they dealt with you, perhaps they are pleased for you that you have finally a diagnosis.

    1. I’m not sure what my parents would think and I agree. It is rather appalling that I’ve had to wait 55 years. I’m lucky that my spiritual beliefs were always strong enough to carry me through.

      Even though I had anger issues through my not knowing, I conformed and that made it easier for them. Given my life it would have been easy for me to throw in the towel.

      But there was always something inside of me that wasn’t quite prepared to give up. Looking at what I have now with a successful website, I know why.

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