An unexpected surprise

Last night came good when Claudia was awarded a prize at the Town Hall in Leeds for all her hard work in school last year. We are immensely proud of her achievements to date and it’s wonderful to watch her grow into a wonderfully balanced adult.

Prize Giving isn’t something I have been able to attend for many years because I was always struggling with reflux problems or heartburn, but since I have found ways to stay well, I was able to attend last night. I must admit most prize giving ceremonies aren’t particularly interesting. Lots of speeches with staff and governors talking about their own self-importance, but last night somehow seemed different.

The school has a new head teacher and it was breathtaking to hear his thoughts, which were geared on the importance of the school, the students and what he hopes they will go on to achieve with so many wonderful opportunities they have.

One or two dignitaries were also invited to speak. One spoke about his only prize in school, which wasn’t a particularly important prize, but the second prize had he have got one, would have been to his parents’ surprise. He wasn’t a particularly high achiever in school, but has achieved greatly since then to become what he is today, a professor.

It clearly goes to show that with sheer determination and hard work we can go on to achieve great heights. We may not go on to be a rocket scientist, but achieving is important to good health, confidence and self-esteem. I struggled with neurological difficulties and with no help and support, failed to achieve with my education.

This blog is dedicated to my education and all that I have gone on to achieve since my school days. Now it isn’t a hardship for me to watch my children excel. I take pleasure from it.

26 Oct, 2010

12 thoughts on “An unexpected surprise

  1. Congrats to Claudia! well done.

    I wasn’t a particularly high achiever in school. I did make fair grades though. I found that studying was difficult due to CP and slight learning problems that come with it.

  2. How wonderful! I know you’re so proud of your daughter. So glad you were able to attend the ceremony.

    I was an underachiever also and my father always assumed I’d be a dancer or singer (I spent a lot of time in dance school and voice lessons), but I surprised him by becoming a nurse… and I have to admit I’ve done a lot better than I thought I would.

    Now I’m working on a different line of work which I hope to do as well at. I too think it’s important for us to achieve these things. It not only shows the world we can do things even though we struggle with difficulties, but it gives us a boost knowing we have achieved something besides with what we deal with, like illness.

    1. Lisa good for you. It’s lovely that you proved you were more than capable. It is a shame though that we have to go to these kind of extremes to show our parents that we are capable! Ditto on the rest of your comments. I am so proud of you.

  3. I think it’s wonderful that you attended your daughter’s award ceremony. I’m sure she was glad to have you in attendance. I’m sitting here trying to think of an achievement that I’ve made that stands out to me. I’m back at work, but most people work. I think it just my mood today. Feeling a little down and all the rain doesn’t help.

    1. Thank you… don’t worry Brian, if I think back to my school days, I cannot think of anything that stands out either, but we go on to accomplish in other ways. School isn’t always a good way of judging our abilities. It works for some and not for others.

  4. Congrats to your daughter. Education is a very important tool whether we stop at high school or go on to college.

    My grandfather dropped out of school in 8th grade because my Great Grandmother did not feel the school was teaching him anything worth while. He always said do not stop doing something because people say you can’t and its very true.

    1. I totally agree with your Grandfather’s sentiments. We all achieve in different ways, whether others believe in us or not. We are the best judge of what we can and cannot do. Thank you for posting.

  5. This is your friend Colleen from DS in the States. I posted you website on my CP2 group. You sound like a great person and it’s great that your daughter is doing well in school. It must be a great joy that she is doing so well.

    1. Thanks Colleen… and thank you for posting my site on the CP2 site and for your support. Would love to see you post again soon. Yes we are immensely proud of Claudia.

  6. Congrats to your daughter. That is so awesome of her getting the award. Sounds like she is going to go places in life that a lot of us cannot achieve. Love what you’re doing Ilana. Keep up the good work. Kathy

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