Another doctor’s appointment

Having been to my doctors today, I set to working on the information I was given for another possible lead so that another Consultant can help me with my Cerebral Palsy.

Having now made a few phone calls, the name of the consultant I was given this morning hasn’t worked out, but his secretary has put me in touch with someone else who may be able to help. Nothing is concrete, but I am happy with what’s happening so far. It’s a positive lead, more than I’ve have had so I’m positive.

Having to work through the whole Cerebral Palsy issue has brought back so many thoughts. I am angry and frustrated again that I have no choice but to put together more pieces, because pieces to the jigsaw still don’t fit. At 48 years old I still fully don’t know what I’m dealing with and to this day my father still tells me he doesn’t know anything.

The letter I have from my doctor with a diagnosis when I was first diagnosed doesn’t match my symptoms. All I knew when I was growing up was that I my muscles didn’t work on my left side; my left foot was different to my right and I had a leg shortening on my left side.

The phone call has finally come through and I now have an appointment scheduled for the 15th September. Hopefully at that appointment I will have the opportunity to find out more.

3 Sep, 2011

6 thoughts on “Another doctor’s appointment

  1. I hope you get some answers.

    You have dealt with so much and are still positive about it. I think I would have given up a long time ago.

    I admire you for your persistence in the matters you deal with daily. Wish I had your positive attitude and persistence! You go girl!!

    1. I hope the Consultant will too. Not sure how much he will be able to help me, but knowing something about what I deal with, will be a start.

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