I anticipate my next move, not because I’m ready, but I know that if I don’t, what I fail to anticipate may blow up in my face.

Mum used to say: ‘time and tide wait for no man’ and she was right. Time or issues don’t wait for us. When we don’t anticipate; or look at trying to find a resolve on our issues, they have the potential to escalate and bring with them more stress and uncertainty.

Issues and circumstances don’t wait until we’re emotionally or mentally ready to deal with them. And waiting on something and not being pro-active, will usually leave us with a fait accompli, not a fait accompli we were hoping for, but one that brings about a different conclusion, usually a conclusion we weren’t expecting, wanted or even asked for.

As hard as it is for us to deal with things, it becomes even harder when we don’t at least try. If we try to work on our understanding there will always be an end in sight; the outcome can be positive as long as we take control. If we try to learn to anticipate and act on the things we have to deal with, things will get easier.

This is how I roll and continue to roll. I have learned through necessity and that’s often how it starts. I think it is a lot less scary in the longer term, although I appreciate it may seem scary at first.

29 Oct, 2014

4 thoughts on “Anticipate

  1. It is necessary at times to try to anticipate what may happen next but growing up in a world where we never knew what to expect, it was something we didn’t really have a chance to learn how to do!

    Things aren’t always as clear cut as say dealing with my father and knowing that we need to make plans for the time when he does pass away. We grew up always having to anticipate the worst case scenarios so it’s a foreign concept to imagine things could turn out in a good way.

    I really think it’s mostly because I didn’t plan on being here at this age, so now I have to learn how to deal with life and everything that goes along with it!

    1. Thanks Randy. Like you, I also had to learn how to anticipate the events in my life. It wasn’t something taught.

      For the parents who don’t teach us, they unwittingly pave the way for us to learn things for ourselves. I think the nature of who we are means we must unlearn old patterns and relearn new ones. It’s the only way I know for anyone to evolve. We grow through our experiences.

      I remember my mum thinking 40 was old and she didn’t want to live past that age. I think given your upbringing Randy, I understand why you felt you wouldn’t be here.

      I’m so pleased you are. Keep up the good fight.

  2. I always anticipate things. I like to be prepared for things. I don’t like surprises.

    My mom used to tell me to live in the now and not worry at the future. If we don’t worry about the future, things can go haywire and like I said I don’t like surprises, at least the bad ones.

    1. Thanks Lisa. To anticipate the future is the best way to be. It’s always good to be prepared, that way we handle what we have to deal with better, so there are no surprises.

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