Because I deal with Sensory Processing, I am already prone to anxiety, overthinking and negative repetitive thoughts. Those continue to be my biggest challenges.

The great thing about what I deal with is that I get to document it. That helps me get my thoughts out into the open and that helps me feel better. Anxiety isn’t something we consciously think about unless what we’re dealing with makes us feel uneasy, even uncomfortable; then we know we have it.

We may all deal with anxiety at some point in our lives, but some may struggle with it, more than others. Anxiety is difficult. It’s unapologetically challenging and a condition that affects us both mentally and physically. It’s something learned, but with the right techniques in place, it can be ‘unlearned’ again. Anxiety is curable.

And with the right techniques in place, anxiety can be controlled until such a time we’re in control. Recognising we have anxiety is important because without us dealing with the symptoms around anxiety, anxiety can make us feel panicked and impatient. Before we can even begin to reduce or get rid of anxiety, we must accept that we have it.

We sadly can’t deny anxiety exists, in the hope that it will go away or pretend we don’t have it. We need to accept and let go of the idea that we can simply ignore or fight it. For example, we may avoid places where we have experienced anxiety in the hope that we can control it or that it won’t show up in that place.

It is simply not possible to turn anxiety off as though it doesn’t exist. Anxiety exists particularly around stressful situations. We have to be prepared to accept we deal with anxiety and find ways to limit it when it happens.

It also gets worse the more we overthink. Perhaps the key is to make sure we don’t overthink things. In that case we must go with the flow, accept that it’s happened and try to find a resolve.

26 Feb, 2018

8 thoughts on “Anxiety

  1. Yes, to all of the above! I know that your issues stem from your sensory processing issues and mine stems from the madness that was my childhood, but the end results are very similar.

    I am constantly reminded of when I am overthinking things by a girlfriend who thinks I do it just to irritate her, when it’s more a matter of one of my many issues. I had a hard time deciding which chicken noodle soup to buy and went with the one I thought would be heartier, but ended up being chastised for not buying the one she told me to buy, which wasn’t appreciated at 10 o’clock at night.

    You would think that she would be more understanding after 12 years together, but she still doesn’t get it and probably never will. Just another reminder that people who don’t have these issues, really don’t have a clue as to what it’s like sometimes to do even simple tasks.

    They also can’t even begin to comprehend that it’s ten times worse for us, when we get stuck in that cycle of what you called ‘negative repetitive thoughts.’ I’m the person who annoys everyone else, when I’m standing there in front of a display at a grocery store, seemingly unable to pick one thing which is quite literally the case.

    I grew up in a world where we didn’t often have choices and were so often made to feel guilty about what we did choose, so it does create an insane amount of anxiety for me. Even just thinking about it right now, makes me nauseous, so you can only imagine what it does when someone gives me a hard time about not getting the right thing, when in reality, it shouldn’t have been that big of a deal.

    My first thought was that if he didn’t like it, he should have gone to get it himself, which is what I would have done, even if I was deathly ill. My second thought, was that I didn’t know he had a preference and he should have said something to me, rather than say something to his aunt who immediately chewed me out for it.

    This is why I normally despise doing anything like this for anybody, since it creates an avalanche of anxiety like right now when I even think about what it was like.

    My mother would make my life a living hell if I didn’t do what she wanted or didn’t get the right thing for her to make her happy, so it’s no wonder I end up having an anxiety attacks like this. It doesn’t happen as often as it used to, but it’s just a vivid reminder that I can’t continue to deal with my girlfriend, if I want to keep what little sanity I have left.

    It would be fantastic if we could just turn anxiety off like people seem to think, but it doesn’t work that way. Once I get triggered it takes a while to go through the cycle and come out the other side of it. I didn’t grow up with the luxury of being able to deal with it, so most of the time I had to take the pain as they say and just stuff it down as best I could.

    It’s no wonder that I started acting out, seeing as I had years of emotions packed into that volcano which only explode eventually. I spent most of my life trying to live like a vulcan. People often wonder why we seem to snap all of a sudden, but considering what I have been through, I know why all too well.

    I have to learn how to live with myself and I know I can’t do that right now, so I must make the changes I need to make and live with it.

    1. Thanks Randy. You know what you know and what you deal with.

      You don’t have to convince others that you deal with what you deal with. With everything you talk about in your responses and of your life, I’m wondering how you manage to keep everything together.

      I know how things were for me. There was never a day that I didn’t stop trying to work on something to bring about positivity in a very negative environment, but perhaps this is something you might consider.

      Anxiety if not dealt with or allowed to continue with people who don’t care to help us, can turn into deep depression, even illness. It’s important to do what’s best for us.

      The cost to our health and sanity is too great to ignore.

  2. I know that anxiety is a terrible feeling.

    It takes over, controls and is like a runaway train. I completely agree that with the right help we can learn to recognise the signs of becoming anxious and take stock before we get to that point where it becomes a problem.

    We all need to try to be aware of our feelings and try to address them preferably with someone’s help, so that our daily lives are more balanced, without the highs and lows and extremes of emotions of feelings such as anxiety.

    As Randy says, once the anxiety is there, those feelings can spiral and it takes a while to come out the other end and that’s on a good day.

    1. Thank you. Yes, when we fail to recognise the signs it’s helpful to have someone who can help us through those times.

      I agree and think your second paragraph is spot on. It’s important we become aware of our feelings because it is being aware that will help turn anxiety around.

      It’s also important to be around positive people, because anxiety feeds off negativity. I grew up in a negative environment and that made for a stressful time.

      Stress and a stressful environment, create anxiety and anxiety creates bad thoughts.

  3. Your last paragraph summarizes my personal opinion on how to handle anxiety. But no matter what we say anxiety is particularly dangerous and unavoidable.

    But your blogs help us deal with what’s awaiting us in terms of anxiety. You’re always pretty thorough with that.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, I tend to write what I live, as and when I live it and not having had a ‘picture perfect’ life, for want of a better phrase, I tend to have a lot to write about.

      And given what I know about my sensory issue impairment, I know a fair bit about anxiety and how it can manifest itself in our psyche.

      I am enormously pleased my blogs help you. They also help me too!!

  4. This article is very interesting and I know that anxiety is a terrible feeling, because I have experienced it many times in my life.

    It definitely affects us physically and mentally. Whenever I feel anxiety, it make me nervous and panic too.

    I strongly agree that it is possible for us to recognize the signs of anxiety and we can solve it by identifying where it becomes a problem.

    I usually take a deep breath up to five times and sit in a calm place to feel refreshed, or sometimes I listen to songs like melodious ones.

    Your blog will help others to feel good and to deal with anxiety situations.

    1. Hi Nimmi and welcome to the site. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head in your second paragraph. If anxiety came without us having to panic and feel nervous, how much better we’d cope.

      I need to take your advice and take a few deep breaths myself and find a calm place to sit out. Once I’m in the throws of dealing with anxiety, I’ve lost the ability to think logically or straight.

      I would absolutely love to see you back on the site soon.

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