Asking questions

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always asked questions. Had I not asked questions, I would never have found out what was wrong with me.

It was being inquisitive that kept me focused and current. It was something I felt I could never give up on. As the adult, I never make any decisions without looking at questioning and knowing everything I need to know about the decisions I need to make.

Asking questions has helped me deal with my neurological issues, helping me understand why I feel panicky at times, dealing with certain issues. I need to have full control of my issues, because I have little control over my emotions.

I believe and continue to believe it’s important for us to have full control of our circumstances, so that we can understand our life and therefore through understanding will make better choices.

Asking questions has helped me put my life in order. I say in order and not back in order, because my life was never in order to start with. I know that my diary would never have existed without those initial questions.

11 Apr, 2017

2 thoughts on “Asking questions

  1. It’s good to ask questions, but not so good if those questions go unanswered. Thankfully, you got your answers.

    Just because we are adults doesn’t mean the questions should stop. Questioning and reassessing ourselves is part of our journey and growth.

    1. I absolutely agree with that. Questioning, assessing and reassessing is vital for our journey and growth.

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