At home and self-isolating

Covid-19 has become more divisive, and I am at home. On the odd occasion I go out, I mask up and social distance to keep myself safe.

Recent newspaper articles say vulnerable people feel they’ve been ‘thrown to the wolves’ with our worlds getting considerably smaller, as all social distancing measures in England are due to be lifted from the 19th July.

Whilst the UK government unveil a relaxing of Covid rules for the rest of the country, they have stopped short at telling the 3.8 million clinically vulnerable people in England, to shield but warned them to take extra measures “when Covid-19 disease levels in the general community are high.”

Telling the country, you recommend or expect people to wear masks in crowded places can’t work. If you tell people to do something and you make it mandatory, they will do it, but if you leave something open, it is human nature they will choose to do what’s easiest, and not what is expected.

So, vulnerable and clinically vulnerable people have been told to avoid anyone unvaccinated and meet people outside from the 19th July, as a precautionary measure, as Covid cases continue to surge across the country.

The government are making it impossible for people like myself to get back into our lives. I am immunocompromised because I have cerebral palsy. We’re seeing cases of people being double jabbed and catching Covid-19. Lifting all restrictions will jeopardise my/our ability to stay safe, whether we are jabbed or not.

Like many, I am struggling to get my head around the UK’s government’s mixed messaging, about the unlocking restrictions in England.


The reality is that being double jabbed doesn’t mean you can’t catch Covid-19 and if masks in England were mandatory, we would remain safe. It is the physical barrier of wearing a protective covering that will keep us safe.

It is time for the government to reconsider. If they don’t, from the 19th July when all restrictions are to be lifted, the UK will continue to see cases sore. Scotland have now made masks mandatory. That is the right decision.

Covid-19 will never go away whilst we’re allowing it to gain momentum. No matter what the UK government say there are things we can do to limit its effects, by making better choices for ourselves and by wearing masks.

If we were we would start to limit the virus impact on our lives. We’re not working in our best interests here, therefore it is here to stay.


15 Jul, 2021

4 thoughts on “At home and self-isolating

  1. I too find it baffling how the UK government can ease all Covid measures when infection rates are at their highest for 7 months.

    I understand this is a political decision but it is incredibly reckless. Other countries which have tried this hands off approach have found to their cost, this course is inappropriate and have reintroduced measures to curb the spread of the virus.

    This means that many people who like you are vulnerable now have to make the difficult decision to impose self isolation on themselves to minimise risk. This really is an impossible situation for you, but you have to keep yourself as safe as possible and that means minimising interactions unfortunately.

    The way the government is handling the pandemic suggest we will all be joining you in lockdown soon.

    1. Thanks. Yes, you’re right I must. The hard part is reconciling that every vulnerable and clinically vulnerable person are back in our homes.

      Making masks mandatory would get the UK back on its feet. It is no hardship because we’ve already been doing it for 18 months and the scientists know it works and it’s been keeping us safe.

      The job of a Prime Minister is to make sure the people they serve are safe. The opposition leader has already described his decisions as reckless and extremely reckless. In the meantime we need a break from the Prime Minister’s recklessness.

      I can’t believe we’re being made to work through this and there is no opposition opposing these measures to help change what we have.

  2. People have been in such a hurry to get back to their old lives that they still aren’t getting it. None of us will be safe until EVERYONE gets vaccinated but that isn’t happening.

    It’s like nobody has ever seen a pandemic movie where the exact same thing is going on and we should just do the opposite. My whole childhood was spent preparing for just this kind of thing, so I imagine that I’m better off than most other people.

    It’s sad that people are refusing to do the right thing, even when it will save their own lives. Only time will tell if everything is going to be okay.

    1. Thanks Randy. I hear you! Yes, I can’t speak for others, but I do believe the scientists and think we should all think about our lives in the whole and act accordingly around a virus we know is here to stay.

      I also think the reckless decisions of the UK government are putting lives at risk. As Brad has said it’s a political decision and the measures being put in place will cost more lives.

      If the UK polls are to be believed around 71% will choose to mask up from the 19th July, when all restrictions in the UK are lifted and governing bodies like The BMA are speaking out against the ruling.

      I am still trying to get my head around why anyone would think this is the right thing to do.

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