My auditory perceptions

I am learning a little more now about how my learning disabilities play out and why I struggle mentally with certain issues. Through my understanding of those issues and with potential explanations matching my symptoms in this new book, I will hopefully have more clarity on what I deal with.

I deal with ‘auditory perception difficulties,’ which means I find it difficult to process explanations and directions. Where memory is essential for us to hold information long enough to make sense out of it, I struggle to hold information and this was particularly true in my formative years in school, based around school work and exams.  I continue to struggle with it now.

I also struggle with sequencing. Once I have been given an explanation, I have problems holding on to that explanation, sequencing the explanation I’ve been given and relaying it back in the right order. The more complex the explanation the more obvious it becomes. This quite often leads to frustration and confusion, with some intolerance coming from those close to me.

As part of Environmental Studies in school we had to take an article from a newspaper and then précis the information back in order, so the class understood the article. Because there was little to no preparatory work before class, I used to dread it being my turn, because I would struggle to articulate my words.

I’d still be living in my own little world, if it weren’t for me learning how to use my intuition that acts as my guide. But it doesn’t always help with auditory perception issues.

24 Nov, 2015

4 thoughts on “My auditory perceptions

  1. You are slowly piecing together how you fit into this life and that is an incredibly hard thing to do. But you are positive and determined and with all your friends here on this wonderful site, I know you will get to the place you want to.

  2. Well, it certainly make a lot of sense in the way you describe your difficulties! People try explaining things to me in what I call a rapid download and I just don’t get it right away.

    It may take more than once for me to understand the process and be able to complete the task. It isn’t that I’m stupid, which a lot of people seem to think, but it takes me longer to process the information than others. I’ve had quite a few head injuries between car accidents and getting beaten up a lot as a kid, so it’s not too surprising that I have these issues!

    I didn’t really think too much about it, until they talked about soldiers having to deal with TBI’s (Traumatic Brain Injuries). The symptoms sounded very similar, so I figured there could be a connection between my experiences and my processing issues.

    I never really received the proper medical care after what I went through. It also didn’t help that when I was a child, they didn’t have the technology that they do now to figure out what the damage may have done. I may have to go back to the CAT scans that were done a few years ago to have them studied.

    I wasn’t too surprised when the technician pointed out that the bone around my eye socket that is supposed to be there wasn’t. I had a girl try to crush my skull with a chunk of concrete, which explains all the sinus issues I’ve had all these years.

    This is a prime example of what the lack of meedical care caused for me, since I suffered for most of my life. The surgery on my sinuses was probably just removing the bone fragments that my body had naturally tried to keep from going into my brain!

    It’s amazing that I survived my childhood without becoming a vegetable if those had pierced my brain.

    1. Thanks Randy for being so open about your experiences. I’m so sorry to read what you’ve been through. No one should have had to experience those experiences. You’ve done extremely well to come through pretty much unscathed and I for one am certainly glad you have.

      All I would say is that you know what you know. You don’t have to convince others of what you know to be true. If it takes you longer for you to understand what others understand sooner then that’s absolutely fine. People should be okay with that.

      We don’t have to make excuses either. We are who we are. People should be accepting of who we are, as they expect us to be accepting of who they are.

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