Autism and Covid

I go back to autism. I am tied to my autistic thoughts which have nothing to do with normal thoughts on what is happening around Covid.

A normal thought pattern would be living with the information and finding an acceptance on it for what it is, moving on from our original thinking once the shock has worn off. With an autistic brain that doesn’t happen. Autism affects how I function. It is the reason I deal with anxiety.

Autism interferes with my ability to think rational thoughts, it interferes with my cognitive skills and communication, in other words being able to rationale, so that I can come to terms with most or all situations in a way that allows me to move on.

Living with the pandemic I find it difficult to function ‘normally.’ There are days when I think I’m okay and then it hits me. It’s usually something I hear about the virus that makes me feel anxious again. How it has been handled by the UK Government doesn’t help. No matter how many times I try to shut the virus out, I still have autism to deal with. Covid and Autism just don’t work together.

On another note, a personal trainer friend who had Covid has only been able to go for a short walk just the once this week due to continued shortness of breath and exhaustion over Christmas.

I was also told by her that an otherwise fit and healthy 50 year old died from Covid over Christmas. Please don’t underestimate how deadly this virus is. Anyone can catch it, anyone can die from it.

10 Jan, 2021

2 thoughts on “Autism and Covid

  1. It must be enormously difficult to try to come to terms with the pandemic, when you already struggle with anxiety because of your autism.

    The huge disruption to our personal and professional lives must present even greater challenges to anyone on the autism spectrum and their families.

    I can only reaffirm your last paragraph about just how deadly this virus is and we must all contribute to stopping the spread of the virus.

    1. Yes, yes and yes the pandemic has been difficult for me to get my head around.

      A year in and I’m doing slightly better, but that’s because I’m in. My anxiety returns the moment I step out the front door.

      Thank you for reaffirming what we know. It is vital we all contribute to stopping spread the virus and follow the rules.

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