Autism and Emotional Immaturity

What is emotional immaturity? I ask that because people like me with autism are affected by this. I differ from the way neuro-typicals understand emotional maturity. Through autism I see and navigate the world differently.

Being on the spectrum, means my emotions have developed differently, the same as my responses and perceptions lead me to view the world differently. It means others don’t understand, but being in the majority they don’t think they need to.

Where children with autism will develop different communication abilities and language, cognitive development; sensory integration and social and emotional development usually lag behind, even if high cognitive ability is present.

How behind they lag, will depend on their emotional age and that often depends on the level on which a child relates to other children. It is usually determined through observation testing in school, although a parent may often work out their child’s mental age.

A child’s mental age is usually the age group that your child relates to the best. The nature of what autism is means children with the condition may not fully relate to children of their own age. It is also often the case that other children will have a hard time relating to that child. It is more obvious as that child gets older.

Although other children may like spending time with that child, they may have a hard time understanding them. Where a child relates to a child on the same level emotionally, they are mentally and emotionally around the same age.


13 Apr, 2021

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