Autism, free-falling into a tailspin

When my gut and intuition are in sync with my understanding I do bring clarity to my issues, otherwise I free fall into a tailspin. As a child, where my parents-initiated decisions, I lived with no stress in that regard.

Living with autism is difficult, because unless you have understanding, you can fail to get past your issues or whatever you happen to be dealing with at the time.

When we mentally understand, and we’re comfortable with our choices, we are able to trust. When you have autism and you lack the mental acumen, it is not always possible to trust, because panic and fear replaces our ability to trust. Using the gut and intuition, helps bring back clarity and clarity helps bring about trust.

It’s hard, because once anyone reaches adulthood, they’re expected to make decisions for themselves. When you deal with a mental illness and it’s mild to moderate, there are no allowances.

Autism is a mental illness. Unless you understand how autism presents, or you deal with it yourself, you can never know just how difficult it really is to live with. At any given moment you can free-fall into a ‘tailspin’.

Living with a disability and living with my own struggles, means I understand other people’s struggles too and would never underestimate what they deal with.

10 Jun, 2021

2 thoughts on “Autism, free-falling into a tailspin

  1. I know that making decisions with autism is not easy and making routine, daily decisions can be really tough and struggling to make those decisions can be hard, adding to the difficulties you experience.

    It’s not your responsibility, it’s just how your brain works. It just adds to your uniqueness. You’re unique in a way which is different to someone without autism that’s all.

    Sadly, there is a lack of understanding and appreciation of just how difficult it is.

    1. Thanks. Yes, autism is difficult for the reasons you outline in your first paragraph.

      But it’s harder still when others have a lack of understanding of what it actually means. Autism is one of those conditions where it is wide-spread, but still there is a lack of understanding.

      One size doesn’t fit all. What I struggle with, isn’t something someone else will struggle with with what they get to deal with around autism.

      All we know is that everyday with autism can be a mental struggle. In the pandemic for those who know us, our struggles have become more obvious.

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