Bad behaviour & disability

I’m not sure why disability brings out the worst in people’s behaviour, but this is how it is. There is an exception to that rule of course.

I can empathise with others like myself who deal with a disability. It’s sad that social media, continues to highlight problems for those of us who deal with a disability and who continue to come into contact with people who often treat us with contempt and who may also see us as inconvenient.

The biggest problem of bad behaviour around disability is ignorance, which is particularly common on trains, buses and trams. Children and adults alike must continue to be encouraged, to know it’s important to treat all people equally, take other people’s difficulties into consideration, to want to care, to listen and to identify with others, to have and be empathetic to other people’s needs.

Like my disability shows, not all disabilities are visible, but it’s a bit difficult to know which bit of a disability people take issue with or why. It’s not just me who is aware, or who notices it, or who struggles with it. But it doesn’t matter how disabled we are, mentally or physically, there needs to be decorum around disability.

Those like myself aren’t trying to make people’s lives difficult, we’re just trying to live our lives, so that we can fit in. I believe it is important people understand and be a little more tolerant around our wants and needs.

Living with a disability means we are seen as intense, stubborn and difficult. It’s the nature of how disabilities present and it’s wrong to penalise us because of that. This in part is what’s wrong, people’s attitudes around disability needs to change. They’re not getting this right.

Through my experiences and as my story again shows, there still needs to be more patience, tolerance, empathy and compassion around disability. Society and the world still have a long way to go.

20 Dec, 2018

2 thoughts on “Bad behaviour & disability

  1. I have an extremely high empathy level for anyone with any kind of disability, but that’s not nearly enough.

    People with disabilities only want to be themselves and to share this existence with reasonable human dignities, without being singled out as something society has to deal with. People with disabilities have a right to spreads their wings as wide as anyone else, anywhere.

    It makes me conclude that our hearts are buried so deep that we cannot dignify human beings anymore. We’re all in the same boat together, for God’s sake!

    1. Thanks Tim. Being part of the problem because I deal with a disability, I love your response. You point to a problem that’s clearly in the public domain.

      Where you say, ‘people with disabilities only want to be themselves and to share their existence with reasonable human dignities, without being singled out as something society has to deal with.’ Your response is spot on.

      That is exactly how it feels for me. You read my mind. As you say we’re all in the same boat, underneath we’re all the same, we just present differently.

      Perhaps that’s something we must all think about that the next time we come across someone with a disability.

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