Being accepted

I was a pleasing child always looking for acceptance, because I was insecure. I was insecure because I was navigating a childhood with a disability I didn’t know I had.

However we need to be accepted, it’s something we crave for at different times. When things are good and we’re making headway, we seem to want and need less acceptance. It isn’t something we can always rely on.

Being accepted can make us feel safe and protected, but we must rely on ourselves and our own thinking for us to find acceptance. People would be more accepting of each other, if acceptance was part of everyone’s mindset.

Acceptance is something we acquire if our face fits, rather than something given in abundance. But the opposite of acceptance is rejection and that can be bad for our health, if we’re not sure how to deal with it.

We must also look at being accepted in its wider context. To avoid us feeling isolated, excluded and lonely from exclusion when we’re not accepted, we must come to understand the universe and how our lives fit into that, because not only do they work together, they are timely in how things work out.

Because acceptance is still not inclusive we must learn to like and accept ourselves. Society, people and the world needs to be inclusive, so that acceptance is par for the course and open to everyone.

4 Dec, 2018

2 thoughts on “Being accepted

  1. I don’t think being a pleasing child looking for acceptance or approval is unusual, but I can understand why in your case you did.

    It must have been difficult you living with a disability you didn’t know you had. We all look for acceptance at some point in our lives. Fear of rejection plays a part too.

    Understanding is the first step to acceptance and unfortunately as a race we are short of mutual respect and understanding these days.

    Perhaps if we accepted ourselves then we wouldn’t feel the need to look for acceptance from others, but when we do we at least deserve understanding.

  2. Thank you. Yes, I think your last paragraph sums up your response beautifully. If we accepted ourselves then we wouldn’t feel the need to look for acceptance from others.

    The irony is that the older we get and the more work we do on ourselves, the more confident we become, the less acceptance we need.

    We must all be respectful to others no matter what we deal with or what’s been in our past.

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