Being objectionable

Have you ever been around someone who is so objectionable, you feel you have to walk away? For those of us who often have no choice, it’s difficult for us to continue to make peace with that person. I have seen first-hand, what happens when someone is so objectionable.

Unfortunately, when people become so objectionable, others will stop trying with them, they’ll stop helping, they’ll walk away and if they don’t walk away, they’ll be the last in the queue when it comes to handing out help.

It’s a shame, but it isn’t an excuse for bad behaviour. It also doesn’t give that person the right to think that others must accept their behaviour. That in some way others owe them for the hand they’ve been dealt.

For the people who are objectionable, they tend to live in the past as they continue to blame their past for how their lives turn out. If they lived in the present they would have a totally different outlook on how they see and live their lives.

We’re not all fortunate to be born into a cherished life, neither are we all free to make the choices we want to make, but that doesn’t give us the right to be objectionable towards others.

We’re all born equal in those first moments of life, what happens to us after that usually determines our outlook. Being around someone objectionable gives me clarity on my own life, on how not to do things.

31 Oct, 2012

4 thoughts on “Being objectionable

  1. I can see this happening to people. They don’t want to believe what is going on and won’t change their minds or opinions for anything.

    It does distance them from others.

    1. I agree Lisa, it not only distances people from others, but is soul destroying and demoralising having to put up with that kind of behavior constantly.

      These unfortunately are my experiences.

  2. I know who this post perfectly describes and the funny thing is he thinks he is reasonable and everyone else is objectionable.

    I guess that is one of the traits of being objectionable in the first place!

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