Being outspoken

Being outspoken isn’t helpful. It can get you into trouble, particularly when you’re not engaging with your thoughts or words.

As a child I wasn’t so much outspoken, rather angry. I didn’t have an opinion, unless I was asked a question, then I would answer. But being outspoken isn’t always the best way to be. Instead we must think about being tactful, thoughtful, and reticent in our thinking.

If you are to be outspoken rather be cautious, diplomatic, sensible and gracious. Be informed about the subject you’re being outspoken about. Ask yourself, is being outspoken really the right thing to do? It’s not so much what’s said but how we react or display our feelings through us being outspoken.

How we react is for us to control, but when you’re angry it’s difficult to see that you are under control. When someone pushes your buttons, when someone has control over your decisions, it’s difficult not to be outspoken, your reactions matter.

No matter how things should be, your power of suggestions, your response and reactions can trump the facts,  Words are powerful and those can either draw you nearer to people or can alienate you instead. Others will focus on your outspoken words and may even put a negative spin on what’s said.

Not everyone is happy to have someone outspoken in their midst. Although being retiring and introverted doesn’t help or work either, there is always a balance to be had.

17 Mar, 2020

2 thoughts on “Being outspoken

  1. As you say we can be outspoken without being obnoxious about it. We can be self confident and speak our mind with honesty and integrity.

    Respect and compromise are equally important qualities in our relationships too, but an awareness of how our behaviour affects others is vital.

    1. Thanks. You’re absolutely spot on. It’s not for us to say what we think or have an opinion, it’s up to us to engage and decide if what we’re saying is what the person wants from us.

      Not everyone is invited ‘to the party.’ It is important we understand our place and where we fit into other people’s lives.

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