Being resilient

Resilience or being resilient is something that concerns us all but probably isn’t something we even think about.

Where does resilience come from?

Resilience comes from within us. Our environment, our peers and our schooling all contribute to how resilient we become. Any significant influence or event will have a great impact on us personally. We use resilience to successfully work through our lives, whilst our inner strength and abilities are our test through our experiences.

When we have resilience, we tend not to see failure as something to dwell on, but as an opportunity to help us move on. We accept that to fail can sometimes be a part of what we need to go through.

Being resilient helps us bounce back from disappointment, so that we can go on to make different and better choices. It also helps us through abuse. Although we’re not always aware of just how resilient we are, I must have been resilient to have come through my life this far and to do what I do now.

Resilience teaches us about determination, and also teaches us how to cope in difficult circumstances.

14 Dec, 2010

8 thoughts on “Being resilient

  1. I don’t know how much resilience I can muster at any given time. It is something for me that changes depending on how I’m coping at any given moment. I fear that the years and trials can wear away at one’s resilience.

    When I get to that point I end up depressed and need to recharge my batteries, which becomes harder to do with each passing year. I suppose I’m not at my best today due to a terrible cold I have, so I’m sorry if it has made me a debbie downer.

    1. Brian you are right in what you say. Our resilience may be tested to its limits depending on what we’re dealing with and that the years and trials we call life, may hinder ones resilience to bounce back easily, but I know with how positive you try to be, you will always do your best to come through whatever it is you’re dealing with. You don’t give up easily and I admire you for that.

  2. I get so tired of being resilient, always changing the way I do things, (what works one day doesn’t work the next or even hour to hour for that matter). When I get to that point, I end up depressed and just want to get away from everyone, even myself.

    1. Bill, maybe try and change the way you do things so that others fit into your life and what you deal with. It’s hard enough coping with CP, let alone trying to bounce back from it, without having to please others as well.

  3. I just deal with what I deal with when I have to. I do get tired of it though. I don’t know if I have resilience or not. I also get tired easily if I have to deal with too much at one time.

    1. Lisa, I would think that if you deal with what you have to when you have to and you get the results you’re happy with, your probably more resilient than you perhaps think you are.

      If you have too much to deal with, that can make you feel tired. Our patience only stretches so far!

  4. I feel like resilience can take people much further then they initially expect.

    At times resilience is one of the only things that keep us going and looking upon the times in the past where we were resilient is often inspiring, when we need it again for something we may have to deal with in the future.

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