Being responsible for ourselves

I am not sure how old I was when I came to realise that being responsible for myself was important. Looking back it hard everything to do with being left to emotionally work through a disability I didn’t know I had.

I know just how important that decision was for me to take the initiative, and take back control. I couldn’t have done or changed anything about my life, my writing and blog wouldn’t exist without knowing about my disability. I have never looked back.

In these times it has never been so important, we must all work together, we must take back control for ourselves, so that we remain safe. Being responsible for ourselves in a pandemic, means we help keep others safe too.

The virus doesn’t care whose lives it destroys, who lives or dies. Instead we must care and take control. Being responsible for ourselves means taking control.

I chose to take back control around my disability; now that I am living with my disability in the pandemic, I must continue to do the same, as we must all take control and be responsible for ourselves.

10 Nov, 2020

4 thoughts on “Being responsible for ourselves

  1. This is a powerful blog and one which had to be said.

    We should all take responsibility for our lives, but never more so when our actions can mean life or death to others. We must move beyond the individual, we must act collectively if we are to defeat this pandemic.

    1. Thank you. Yes, it is more obvious to me, primarily because I am high risk for Covid.

      I think you’re right, we must move beyond the individual so that we’re acting collectively. Acting together is the way for us to defeat this pandemic.

      Food for thought here.

  2. Yes, ultimately we are responsible for ourselves. My parents expected us to depend on them, even when they couldn’t take care of themselves and would make us feel guilty if we even attempted to live our own lives, which is why I struggle now.

    It would be great to feel comfortable in my own skin and have a chance to be happy.

    1. Thanks Randy. I get that, really I do. What you’re describing with your parents was part of that era, sadly it’s not unique to you.

      It wasn’t right, but it is what that was. All you can do now is making the changes for yourself so that you are responsible for yourself and change how you were parented.

      It’s not ideal, hard to change when the early patterns have been formed and ingrained, but emotional patterns can change.

      We can lead different lives to that of our parents. Not everything is set in stone. Only if we want it to be.

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