Being yourself

I have heard the saying ‘be yourself’ so many times before. As easy as it to say, in reality it’s not something we know how to do. I have struggled with it.

We should make a start by looking at ourselves. We must learn to accept ourselves by getting to know us, what we like and what we dislike, what makes us.

We must emotionally and spiritually grow. When we allow someone else to define us, we can never be ourselves. We must work on accepting our mistakes, our decisions and move on. Stop worrying about how others perceive you.

We can’t please everyone, so logic says there is no point in trying. Always having to be on our guard because of something we’ve said, only serves to make us more guarded.

Let go of your concerns so that you can use your own considerations as a filter. Learn to be open and honest about yourself and try not to beat yourself up on the things you have failed at.

There are lots of things we don’t like about ourselves physically, learn to like those parts of you too. Only then will you unconditionally accept being you.

3 Jan, 2012

8 thoughts on “Being yourself

  1. I think people are more uncomfortable when they aren’t themselves.

    If everyone would accept all for who they are and accept themselves for who they are the world may be a different place.

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