Beliefs and compromise

All of us will deal with our lives and beliefs in certain situations or circumstances very differently, because we’re often at different points in our personal journey.

Some of us will be able to look at our circumstances objectively, whilst others will still be working towards an objective goal and may not see things as clearly, therefore may begin to feel threatened or undermined by that person’s journey.

Because we’re not at the same stage on our journey, our unconscious thoughts may often get in the way of our perceptions on what another person thinks or believes.

We can have our beliefs and still make decisions based on what we want for our families away from our beliefs, unless the decisions we go on to make are based solely around religious beliefs and therefore there is no compromise.

Not everyone has to believe what we believe and beliefs don’t have to get in the way of another person’s thinking and we don’t have to feel threatened.

25 Mar, 2014

2 thoughts on “Beliefs and compromise

  1. My mind isn’t working well this morning and I can’t grasp the meaning of this blog. Sorry. I know I don’t feel threatened by other people’s beliefs.

    I have mine and they have theirs.

    1. Thanks Lisa. No problem. It’s good that you don’t feel threatened by other people’s beliefs. As you say, you have yours and they have theirs.

      Relationships should solely be based on our ability to make decisions and find compromise through every day situations and what we think is best for one another.

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