Bridging the gap

The problem with Cerebral Palsy as I see it, is that none of us will ever have an explanation of exactly how our brain damage manifests itself, or works.

Even with a diagnosis, the Specialists don’t know exactly how our brain damage presents. With Cerebral Palsy, a diagnosis doesn’t end there because each Cerebral Palsy brain is affected differently.

It may never be understood how the Cerebral Palsy diagnosis manifests itself in the patient and is one of the reasons why there is no Cerebral Palsy research. It has been a pain staking exercise for me to work through my symptoms through my MRI scan results.

I wanted someone to say, this is your brain, this is how your brain works, this is the damage and this is how your body and your brain work together. Do those of us with Cerebral Palsy ever understand in detail all there is to know about our neurological impairments? I believe not.

14 May, 2017

2 thoughts on “Bridging the gap

  1. I agree and I think its a crime that the term Cerebral Palsy is used as a final diagnosis, without any real investigation into how that individual’s life will be affected.

    1. Yes, quite. Well I’ll just have to keep blogging! I feel I’ve bridged the gap on my own symptoms, more than any one specialist could, which proves Cerebral Palsy, can be researched to a certain extent.

      I’m not sure how much further we would get if research was undertaken, but the experts are too dismissive and the condition is too great. Not enough care is being taken to reduce babies being born with the condition. How sad.

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